Female anatomy that shocked men and they told the whole Internet about it!

11 Jul 2023

It turns out that even in the 21st century, some men do not know the most obvious facts about female anatomy! We have made a shocking selection for you, after which you will be surprised!

1. Do such terrible men really exist?

How I want men who think so to try to give birth themselves! We would look at their faces at this moment! Men may not fully comprehend the extent and duration of the pain involved because they have not personally experienced childbirth. Empathizing with a situation that one has not personally experienced might be difficult. Also, the propensity to minimize or ignore the discomfort of delivery may exist in some cultures or communities, which may affect people's perceptions of or attitudes toward it.

Do such terrible men really exist.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

2. It's not about genes!

As you can see, this guy was wrong twice - the first when he thought that all girls do not have hair in other places than the head, and the second - when he decided that mom has silk skin due to genes. Everyone has hair on the body and it's not about the genes. It’s just that, apparently, this guy’s mom always did hair removal on time, which is why it seemed that her skin was always smooth and perfect. That's the whole secret!

It's not about genes.jpg?format=webp@deleted/Reddit.com

3. Women can go anywhere and anytime!

We are in a hurry to dispel another stereotype of some men. Out of ignorance, they believe that in some periods of the month, women cannot even go to the pool. Apparently, in the understanding of these men, women should stay at home and not go anywhere. However, it is not! Fortunately, in the modern world, there are a lot of hygiene products that help women lead an active life at any time of the month! We hope that soon the majority of people in the world, regardless of gender, will have a good knowledge of female and male anatomy!

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4. It's time to open biology lessons for adult men!

Reading such stories, you understand that there are very indifferent people who do not care about others. Unfortunately, there are men who can even make fun of the topic of menstruation. Although in fact, for many girls this is a difficult period, during which they experience not the most pleasant sensations. Some males may lack awareness as a result of social that minimize or ignore the challenges and discomfort connected with menstruation. So we would like once again to remind men that they should treat the female anatomy with understanding.

It's time to open biology lessons for adult men.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

5. “You may not like it?” Sounds awful!

Pregnancy is not always a simple period, because women change their health and, of course, their figure. And when men start talking ugly about the body of a pregnant woman, it is, to put it mildly, repulsive. Promoting body acceptance and respect for all body shapes, particularly those of pregnant women, is essential. The process of becoming a mother is natural and attractive, and women's bodies change considerably throughout this period. Challenge negative views and promote a more accepting and helpful culture by promoting open discussion regarding body image and pregnancy.

You may not like it_ Sounds awful.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

6. And what's wrong with short hair?

Hearing about such stereotypes is simply ridiculous! It turns out that there are still men who believe that women with short haircuts can only please women. Moreover, there are men who are sure that if a woman has a short haircut, then she is masculine and her testosterone level is increased! Sounds like complete madness! It's amazing how in the era of the Internet and accessible information, there are still people who live by stupid stereotypes. 

And what's wrong with short hair.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

7."Super" logic!

When you read such texts, it is difficult to immediately understand whether it is a joke or not! If there isn't strong data to back up such statements, it's critical to approach them with suspicion. Speculations or rumors about someone's past or gender identity are frequently the result of unreliable information, rumors, or even malice. When discussing or creating opinions about people, it's important to rely on trustworthy sources and strong facts. And you definitely should not trust the opinion of dubious personalities on the Internet!

Super logic.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

8. Everyone should watch their own body, not someone else's

It sounds terrible, but some men really get outraged when they see something in girls that may seem imperfect to them. For example, bright veins or cellulite. For some reason, some men do not think about the fact that this is a normal anatomy and not an exception to the rule. It's important to encourage body positivity and acknowledge that different people define beauty differently. It's crucial to accept and value the different variances among people because everyone has their own distinctive tastes. Focusing on traits other than outward appearances, such as personality, character, and shared beliefs, will help one develop a healthy and respectful connection with both oneself and others.

Everyone should watch their own body  not someone else's.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

9. Looks like someone skipped biology class…

A man's misconception about human biology and development may lead him to believe that a young child can experience menstruation. Many factors, including cultural taboos, false information, or a lack of adequate education, might contribute to menstrual misconceptions. In order to guarantee that they properly understand these challenges, men and women of all ages should receive the proper knowledge about reproductive health. Therefore, if you have kids, it's crucial to address their inquiries regarding the reproductive system and other topics.

Looks like someone skipped biology class.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

10. Another weird story!

Men may view how girls use tampons during their periods differently.  In certain situations, people might not have had the opportunity to learn about the nuances of tampons and other menstrual hygiene products. We must not, however, lose sight of the fact that, in the modern society we inhabit, any query may be answered by searching the Internet. Accordingly, certain guys ought to be more interested in the anatomy and personal care items of women. It's great that now there is a lot of useful information in the public domain, but for some reason not everyone wants to read it.

Another weird story.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

11. Awful!

When you read such stories, you sincerely want such men to feel for themselves what it is like to give birth to children! Because they have not personally gone through childbirth, men may find it difficult to truly understand the degree and duration of the agony. Empathizing with a situation that one has not personally experienced might be challenging. By the way, it's crucial to remember that not all males are insensitive to the suffering women go through during childbirth. Many males have a profound understanding of the psychological and physical difficulties women go through during this process.

Awful.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

12. Does anyone really believe in this?

Medical studies and scientific data do not support the notion that a person's gender identity may be determined by the length of their fingers. The 2D:4D ratio, which measures the lengths of the index and ring fingers, has been researched in relation to a number of factors, including hormone exposure during fetal development, but it is not a reliable indicator of a person's given gender. However, of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Finger length is just one physical attribute that can be used to stereotype or assume someone's gender, which can promote harmful biases and false beliefs about gender identity.

Does anyone really believe in this.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

13. Nonsense!

Some males might have preconceived notions or assumptions about career-focused women, especially when it comes to their reproductive health.  Some people might not be fully informed about reproductive health or how career decisions affect fertility. They may harbor misconceptions or cling to outmoded ideas that suggest a conflict between objectives for one's job and one's reproductive well-being. Some people could assume that women who put their professions first might neglect or put off having children, but it's not true! And we sincerely hope that smart people understand this very well.

Nonsense.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

14. How can he be so uneducated?

Dear girls, if you see a man who thinks the same as the author of this post, then we advise you to run away from him immediately! How can you see, some men are sure that they know more about the female body than even doctors! People may come upon incorrect information or alternative theories that go against accepted medical expertise in the age of readily available information. They might be swayed by this information and believe it to be more reliable than the general consensus in medicine expertise of doctors and think they know more than them.

How can he be so uneducated.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

15. Shock content!

Despite the psychological effects and emotional responses that smells can have, the idea that male sweat applied to a woman's lips improves her mood is not backed by reliable research. People's reactions to odors might differ from one another depending on their own preferences. However, there is no scientific support for or widespread acceptance of the notion that male sweat has mood-enhancing effects when applied to a woman's lips. Therefore, this story is just an invention of a person with a rich imagination!

Shock content.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

16. A portion of weird stereotypes

Making the generalization that a woman will start to think like her partner after six months of dating is untrue. Every individual is unique, and their thoughts, values, and worldviews are shaped by a wide range of personal experiences, upbringing, and influences. While it is common for partners to influence each other's opinions to some level while they are dating or in a relationship, it is not a guarantee that after some time that they will begin to think the same as their spouse. Moreover, in a relationship it is important to remain yourself - this should also be remembered!

A portion of weird stereotypes.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

17. Incredible stupidity

Not all guys believe that girls are spending their money on tampons, it's vital to remember this. However, some men shock by their strange ideas. Some of them might not be fully informed about menstruation, its function, or the significance of period hygiene products. They could undervalue the importance of these items and the support they offer women during their menstrual cycles. So before talking about that it is better for girls to give money to charity, and not to personal hygiene items, some men are better off googling why girls need personal hygiene products.

Incredible stupidity.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

18. How rough!

Apparently, the author of this post does not like the idea of a cesarean section. However, it would be better if he read the information about why it is sometimes impossible to do without this operation. A C-section may be advised if there are labor-related issues that endanger the mother's or the baby's health or safety.  Fetal distress and umbilical cord prolapse are a few examples. A C-section could be required if the baby is not in the head-down position or if there are other problems that make delivery challenging or risky.

How rough.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women’s Anatomy Is Getting WORSE/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

19. Give this guy a biology book

Some men never cease to amaze even in adulthood. It's a myth and a generalization to think that all girls have their period at the end of the month. Assuming that all girls or women menstruate at the same time or on a set schedule each month is untrue. Of course, people's menstrual cycles might differ greatly from one another – and usually, people learn it at school. So if someone still thinks that biology lessons are not very important and can be skipped, then as you can see, this is not at all the case.

Give this guy a biology book.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

20. Now that's fantasy!

You might answer with a little of humor if you run into a guy who thinks not all girls have hair growing under their arms.  It can be a terrific approach to clear up confusion and start a fun conversation. Let me reassure you though, the majority of girls do in fact have hair under their arms. It's an entirely normal and natural aspect of our wonderful human existence. Therefore, let's embrace reality and appreciate the diversity and beauty that women bring!

Now that's fantasy.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

21. Very ‘interesting’

Apparently, this guy is very offended by girls or he is just stupid. Underestimating the pain that other people feel is, at the very least, tactless. Therefore, before giving unnecessary advice, you need to think several times about whether to do it at all. Sometimes it's hard to control yourself when someone gives weird and rude advice, so it's best to just distance yourself from such people. Unfortunately, tactless and uneducated people will always be in society and there is no getting away from them.

Very interesting.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

22. Another "expert" in female anatomy!

If there is still someone who thinks that the female body does not produce testosterone, then we are in a hurry to dispel this myth. It's possible that your partner doesn't understand or is ignorant about female biology if he thinks a woman's body cannot create testosterone. It can be an opportunity for you to provide him with some accurate facts. Despite the fact that testosterone levels in women are often lower than in men, this does not imply that it is missing. Because it's crucial to have precise knowledge about women's bodies, we believed that clarifying this would be beneficial. If the man is curious about this, you two can research some reliable sources to find out more information.

Another expert in female anatomy.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

23. Smells like abuse!

Chatting with a guy who thinks that the hair on the hard body should only be on the head, this is another test! You are welcome to discuss your personal thoughts and experiences with body hair. Describe how body hair is a normal component of human biology and how it regulates body temperature in addition to serving a number of other functions like defense. Inform him about the biological significance of body hair and how each person's level of body hair varies. Explain that while societal and cultural norms frequently influence how we see body hair, they can change significantly between cultures.

Smells like abuse.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

24. If only everything were that easy!

If only arranging and canceling periods were as simple as scheduling a haircut or rescheduling a meeting! Imagine if there was a miraculous Period Canceling Button that girls could use to interrupt Aunt Flo's visit whenever they choose. On beach days, special events, or if they simply needed a break from the crimson wave, we'd have a line of women reaching for miles, waiting excitedly to hit that button! Even though we wish it were possible, my friend, periods are a normal biological process that women’s incredible bodies go through.

If only everything were that easy.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy Needs to Stop/ Jammidodger/YouTube.com

25. Who let him out? Haha!

The mysterious waxing myth case! It appears that this man has a strange misunderstanding of the delicate system of female organs and its sworn "enemy", waxing strips. Some people may consider wax to be the enemy of women's health just because of the lack of knowledge on the subject. Moreover, it is generally strange why some man is so worried about this topic. The delicate anatomy of the female organs is not harmed by waxing, despite the fact that it may sound like a brave effort. 

Who let him out_Haha.jpg?format=webp@That's Not How Women Work/Annamarie Forcino/YouTube.com

26. Local `perfumer`

Some guys appear to think that the younger girls have a mystical aroma that is superior to the older girls. But do not worry—we will explore this olfactory interest in a hilarious manner! Imagine if, like a good cheese or an expensive bottle of vintage perfume, a person's aroma genuinely varied with age. Women would release a seductive scent that changed with time, like a symphony of intricate notes and elegant bouquets. The youthful scent of just-baked cookies and cotton candy would emanate from younger ladies, on the other hand, and would be appealing to anyone with a sweet craving for perfumed reminiscence.

Local perfumer.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

27. It's good that now this is her EX-husband!

It's crucial to answer a man who criticizes you for having stretch marks after childbirth in a way that upholds your self-worth and informs him of the normal changes a woman's body goes through. Stretch marks are a typical and natural aspect of many women's experiences after giving birth. They should not be judged or condemned since they serve as a reminder of the miracle of life. In reality, they should be praised as a representation of the significant changes that took place within women.

It's good that now this is her EX-husband.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

28. Girls, if you want to use a men's razor, then do it boldly!

Another example of complete nonsense! Men's razors aren't exactly magical objects that transform a girl's body, it must be said. They are made to accommodate the specific requirements of a man's face, such as coarse facial hair and various shaving angles. However, girls shouldn't worry because many have taken the risky step of using men's razors. Who knows, you might find the untold key to the closest shave! Of course, we are joking and in fact, men's razors are not much different from women's ones. It's all just marketing!

Girls if you want to use a men's razor then do it boldly.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

29. No, guy, it's not true!

It's a frequent myth that the hormones in cow's milk cause girls to mature more quickly. Let's go on a lighthearted adventure to dispel this fallacy about dairy products! Imagine a scenario in which females' growth and development are accelerated because of cow's milk. After drinking a glass of milk, they immediately start to grow faster than their male counterparts, growing like beanstalks! But have no fear, my buddy; this dairy tale is just a fantasy. There are trace levels of naturally occurring hormones in cow's milk, but they are not abundant enough to affect human development or even to favor girls over boys.

No guy it's not true.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

30. Appeal from ruthless women

Well, my dear friend, you have obviously not been attending our secret club meetings if you think that women are ruthless. Every full moon, we get together to sharpen our claws, get advice on how to laugh evilly and strategize about taking over the world while sipping chamomile tea. As you can see, we ladies are experts at deception. We can masterfully apply mascara while juggling our jobs, relationships, and grand plans for world conquest. But worry not, my friend, for our reputation for brutality is a myth based on outdated stories and erroneous stereotypes!

Appeal from ruthless women.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

31. Now women will wear clothes without pockets!

Seriously though, the guy who wrote that it's hard for designers to make clothes with pockets for women obviously doesn't understand tailoring. Even for a woman with the widest hips, pants with pockets can be made. There is absolutely no problem with this! However, some people imagine themselves to be experts on all topics and write their opinions where it is not appropriate at all. At such moments, we can just laugh or give a person a book on anatomy and design.

Now women will wear clothes without pockets.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

32. Strange questions should have strange answers

It's time to use your comedy talents when a man approaches you with a barrage of odd questions. Well, well, well, it appears that we have stepped into the "Twilight Zone" of inquiry! There are a few options available to you, my buddy when dealing with unusual queries. Respond with an equally bizarre query that surprises him. Alternately, accept the absurdity of the question in a humorous way. In any case, there is no point in arguing with uneducated people. Most likely, they will still insist on their own and they won’t understand you.

Strange questions should have strange answers.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

33. We would not like to have such a boss

According to legend, Eve was made by God from one of Adam's ribs, illustrating her miraculous creation as the first woman. But don't worry—we still have as many ribs as our male counterparts. We all receive the same number of ribs under the heavenly rib distribution system, with no extras. Now, consider the remarkable talents we could develop if the rumor were accurate and women really did have additional ribs! We'd have more room for secrets, more flexibility for yoga courses, and perhaps even an edge in rib-eating competitions!

We would not like to have such a boss.jpg?format=webp@r/BadWomensAnatomy - WHY IS THIS A THING/The Click/YouTube.com

34. Strange story about latte…

It appears that someone has been concocting some coffee tales. According to legend, if a breastfeeding mother consumes a lot of coffee, her milk miraculously changes into a frothy, caffeinated delicacy that is ready to be drunk by small milk aficionados. Imagine a little child excitedly anticipating their morning latte fix while holding a miniature mug decorated with charming baby animal latte art.  But sadly, my buddy, this story is just as frothy as cappuccino foam. While it's true that a mother's diet can influence the flavor of her breast milk, it won't become a full-fledged latte.

Strange story about latte….jpg?format=webp@Men do NOT know how women work😳 | r/BadWomensAnatomy/One Topic At A Time/YouTube.com

35. We've never heard stories like this before!

According to legend, when a lady is expecting a daughter, her nose sets out on a quest for grandeur and enlarges to the size of a magnificent mountain peak. It seems as though the nose fairy and the hormones of pregnancy had a covert agreement! Imagine a woman who is expecting, with a growing belly and an expanding nose that draws the attention of other people. Of course, we are joking! While a woman's body does through a number of changes during pregnancy, the gender of the unborn child has no bearing on whether or not the nose experiences a magical growth spurt.

We've never heard stories like this before.jpg?format=webp@Men do NOT know how women work😳 | r/BadWomensAnatomy/One Topic At A Time/YouTube.com

36. Crazy guy

This situation is awful! Violence is never a good approach to making a point or settling a disagreement. The safety of all those involved should come first when responding to an instance of physical harm. It's critical to act properly and protect everyone's safety if you see someone hitting someone else, regardless of the victim's gender. Keep a cool head and consider the problem rationally. Solving the conflict is crucial, as is avoiding inciting more violence. Try to diffuse the situation by quietly addressing the aggressor and urging them to quit their violent behavior, if it is safe to do so.

Crazy guy.jpg?format=webp@ilanallama85/Reddit.com

37. Reality distortion

The perception of beauty can be distorted in a variety of ways by the way that attractive girls are portrayed in movies (and in videos for adults) and on magazine covers.  In order to produce an exaggerated perception of beauty, their photos are frequently severely altered, airbrushed, and manipulated. These representations of immaculate, unachievable physical features—which the majority of people do not naturally possess—create irrational expectations. When it comes to beauty, the media frequently favors particular body shapes, skin tones, and facial traits. People who do not fit into these particular norms are excluded and marginalized by this limited portrayal, which can cause low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy.

Reality distortion.jpg?format=webp@KaliTheCat/Reddit.com

38. Another myth!

It appears that some males may have been studying Greek philosophy for too long if they believe women have fewer teeth than men. You see, a certain philosopher by the name of Aristotle had an odd hypothesis regarding the lack of teeth in women. Maybe some males heard this hypothesis and believed it to be true in terms of dentistry! But do not worry, for we live in a time when we can simply count our teeth and disprove this hilarious myth. So women, the next time someone asks you how many teeth you have, just smile gorgeously and politely ask them to count with you. And let's, gentlemen, wave goodbye to these dental illusions.

Another myth.jpg?format=webp@Phone_Confident/Reddit.com

39. What a disappointment!

Interesting, and from where did this man receive such bizarre ideas? Amazing in a word! Women's breasts don't harden during a kiss, thus we appear to have discovered the secret of the female body. It is comparable to unlocking the mysteries of the world but with a fun twist. Guys, think of the female anatomy as a thorough treasure map, with unexpected turns, treasures, and tunnels concealed everywhere. Finding the most magnificent jewels is like tripping into a magical maze. Now, don't worry if you're having problems understanding this exciting quiz; just talk to your girlfriend about it!

What a disappointment.jpg?format=webp@stitcherydoo/Reddit.com

40. Shock!

If there are also guys in your environment who do not understand female anatomy and psychology, then we sincerely sympathize with you. We can’t even imagine how uneducated you need to be in order not to understand that women have the same brain as men! And a woman has no less intelligence and the ability to succeed in any field! If one of the men does not understand this, then this can be corrected. Because there are many resources available to aid you in navigating these unfamiliar waters. You may count on books, educational materials, and, dare I say it, candid talks with informed people!


41. Expert on female maternal instinct ha-ha!

As you can see, some people consider themselves not only great experts in female anatomy but also super psychologists! And where do these stereotypes come from in the minds of some men? It’s hard to even imagine, however, men, we hasten to convince you that a woman’s desire to have a pet has nothing to do with maternal instinct. These are completely different things that have nothing to do with each other. We hope that after reading this information, we have dispelled another myth!

Expert on female maternal instinct ha-ha.jpg?format=webp@Bad Women's Anatomy/Jammidodger/YouTube.com

42. Boy, go to your biology class now!

Let's gently nudge this guy back to reality, where biology can be our compass, while his mind may be running wild with an unusual women's anatomy vision. You know, friend, not all girls are always producing milk. The female body is a wonderfully amazing creature, and while breasts can produce milk, this often happens when a woman becomes a mother and her body starts preparing to feed her child. So let's politely assist our milk-in-breasts fanatic by offering a colorful biology lesson with illustrations of cows, and nursing mothers!

Boy, go to your biology class now.jpg?format=webp@superwholock369/Reddit.com

43. Good heavens!

Imagine a fantastical setting where aborting a child causes the phenomena of hip growth! However, let's gather our wits and explore reality. By the way, no scientific proof exists that abortion will magically give a woman broader hips. You may be aware that hips are more influenced by genetics, hormones, and good old-fashioned bone structure than by the experiences one has in life. Therefore, even if the idea of post-abortion hip enlargement can seem fantastical, it's vital to keep in mind that our bodies don't function in this way.

Good heavens.jpg?format=webp@MichelleInMpls/Reddit.com

44. Was it definitely a biological class?

Of course, it is difficult to communicate with guys who do not know basic things about female anatomy, but let's think about what we can do about it. You can answer such ignorance with a smile on your face and a chuckle in your voice. Imagine yourself as the knowledgeable curator of a school or museum, ready to lead these lost guys on a learning journey of the female body. Inform them about the amazing ovaries, fallopian tubes, and complex hormonal environment that make the female body such a marvel of nature.

Was it definitely a biological class.jpg?format=webp@Ninja-Ginge/Reddit.com

45. Yes, women have hair on their bodies!

The surprising moment when some males learn that women do, in fact, have hair in places other than their heads! It's similar to discovering a knowledge-filled trove. Imagine a society where men are unaware that there are women whose hair grows in odd places, not only on the head! By the way, the female body is wonderful! And hair can grow in a variety of places, and it’s okay. Legs, arms, underarms, and for some people, even a fine mustache or beard.

Yes, women have hair on their bodies.jpg?format=webp@Hush0005/YouTube.com

46. Now we understand why he became her ex!

Three strange male statements gathered here at once. Moreover, for some reason, we suspect that this guy had more stupid phrases on his account, but his ex-girlfriend took pity on him and did not voice the whole terrible truth. It’s hard to imagine how this girl endured such nonsense from the guy, but it’s good that she had the strength to end this relationship. We hope that her new lover will be more educated. In any case, we can conclude that many skipped biology lessons at school and in vain.

Now we understand why he became her ex.jpg?format=webp@yeetyeetgirl/YouTube.com

47. Another female hair “expert”

I wonder why men who think that women only have hair on their heads do not notice ads for laser hair removal, razors for women, and so on. After all, there are a lot of such advertisements around! Even if a man missed biology lessons, he can see an ad for hair removal for women and guess that girls also grow hair in various places, and not just on their heads. So it would be great if more people around turned on the logic!

Another female hair expert.jpg?format=webp@VodkaMargarine/Reddit.com

48. LOL!

It is hard to believe that an adult guy may not understand how a child is conceived, but as you can see, this happens! While small children think that the stork brings babies, some men think even more fantastic things, which are written in the story below. And how should a girl react to such a guy? You can probably smile ironically and still explain to the guy how the child is actually conceived. Then thank you again!


49. Unfortunately, it's not true

Men who think their periods last an hour and girls can control them, we're talking to you. Unfortunately, this is not true! However, many girls dream that reality is exactly like this, but in life, everything is much more complicated. Therefore, the next time you say something to women without studying their anatomy, then do not be surprised if they react strangely to you or even refuse to communicate with you. Yes, everyone loves smart and educated people! Fortunately, there are now many resources where you can find a lot of useful information on any topic.

Unfortunately, it's not true.jpg?format=webp@Astoryinfromthewild/Reddit.com

50. Many parts of the body are asymmetrical

Our bodies are constructed with exquisite features and wonderful variances, like pieces of art. Nature chose to paint an asymmetrical picture! You may be wondering why asymmetry exists. There are a ton of reasons, after all! One is merely the outcome of our genetic makeup, as our bodies are formed as a result of the complex interactions among our genes. So you should not think that if something is asymmetrical, then it is ugly, quite the contrary! Nature is smart and knows how to create beautiful bodies.

Many parts of the body are asymmetrical.jpg?format=webp@serbeardless/Reddit.com