Zendaya's Style Diary - Bold Trends That Capture Your Heart at First Sight

13 Feb 2024

Hollywood star Zendaya Coleman, known simply as Zendaya, not only impresses with her talent on screen but also inspires with her unique style. She has become a fashion icon thanks to her ability to boldly experiment with trends and emphasize her individuality. We've curated the coolest and sometimes even unconventional outfits of this star from different periods of her life.

Vinyl crop top

Zendaya's appearance is already striking on its own, but paired with this vibrant vinyl crop top, it's simply impossible to look away from her! In such attire, you'll become the star of any event.

Vinyl crop top.jpg?format=webp

Opt for a high-waisted skirt, such as a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt, to pair with your vinyl crop top. This combination adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit while still embracing the edgy vibe of the vinyl top.

Pastel tones are always in fashion!

From this ensemble, a cool monochromatic outfit could have emerged, but Zendaya decided to complement the beige pants and jacket with a blue top. It turned out very elegant! 

Pastel tones are always in fashion!.jpg?format=webp

There are also hints of allure - it's simply impossible not to notice the star's perfect abs. Zendaya also made a bold statement with her voluminous hairstyle.

Nothing extra!

And what do we see again? That's right - the focus on the perfect abs. But of course, that's not all! Zendaya showcases how stylish a leather suit looks, especially in elegant black. 

Nothing extra!.jpg?format=webp

Simplicity never hurt anyone. In such an outfit, you can confidently go to any event - you will definitely be the star of the evening!

True chic!

As many know, the mini length is currently at the height of popularity, and in Zendaya's interpretation, it's especially stylish! This look is simple on one hand, but on the other, it looks very striking! All thanks to the voluminous skirt. 

True chic!.jpg?format=webp

By the way, because the top of the dress is fitted, it perfectly accentuates Zendaya's figure, and the shoes matching the outfit wonderfully complement the look without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

Like a swan!

The cocktail dress with extravagant sleeves makes Zendaya's look more refined and original. At first glance, it's hard to tell what adorns the sleeves - feathers or chiffon, but it looks mesmerizing. 

Like a swan!.jpg?format=webp

This is how with the help of fashionable accents, even a simple dress can be turned into an evening one! As you can see, being stylish is not difficult at all, and Zendaya is a wonderful example of this.

The best example of sports chic!

This style is currently at the top of popularity. However, combining sportswear with elegance needs to be done properly to make the look stylish rather than funny. As you can see, Zendaya is simply magnificent! 

The best example of sports chic!.jpg?format=webp

The red tracksuit, combined with an elegant beige coat, surprisingly complement each other. And the heels make the perfect finishing touch to the outfit.

Positive outfit!

Zendaya in this look is direct proof that bright clothing can quickly lift your spirits. In this cute jumpsuit, the star looks very sunny and positive! It's hard not to smile when looking at her. 

Positive outfit!.jpg?format=webp

To some, such a jumpsuit may seem strange, while others will note that despite the abundance of colors, it looks stylish and very unusual. It's cool that Zendaya's long legs are maximally emphasized in this outfit.

Hollywood diva

Just look at how a person can change into different outfits! If in the previous outfit, Zendaya looks like a cute girl, then in this dress, she is an incredibly luxurious diva! And this is no exaggeration!  

Hollywood diva.jpg?format=webp

The dress beautifully combines green and black colors. Also, the neckline and the slit on the leg look cool and incredibly stylish. Just wow!

Glamorous elegance

A beautiful example of how to make an evening look original and unlike any other! Instead of a dress, Zendaya appeared in a cropped shirt and a long skirt adorned with silver sequins. The outfit is worthy of a true queen! 

Glamorous elegance.jpg?format=webp

It looks dressy, elegant, and at the same time, enticing! We're sure that all the attention of those around was undoubtedly drawn to Zendaya!

Stylish pink

Monochrome outfits are more on-trend than ever! And as you can see, it looks anything but boring; on the contrary, it's cool and stylish! By the way, Zendaya looks incredibly good in pink. 

Stylish pink.jpg?format=webp

A pink monochrome look would suit someone who enjoys expressing femininity, appreciates soft and delicate aesthetics, or simply wants to add a touch of romanticism to their outfit.

Like a princess!

While many are accustomed to Zendaya's bolder looks, she looks incredibly good in this bright pink dress as well. It's so delicate and romantic!  

Like a princess!.jpg?format=webp

The leg slit adds playfulness and allure to the look. In such a dress, you'll be the star of any party or glamorous event.

Very elegant!

In this dress, Zendaya looks more like a queen than a princess. The burgundy color suits her very well! This color exudes elegance and can be embraced by anyone looking to make a statement with their wardrobe.

Very elegant!.jpg?format=webp

Burgundy would complement individuals who appreciate rich, deep hues and desire to add a touch of sophistication to their style. It's particularly suitable for those with warm undertones in their skin, though its versatility makes it a flattering choice for various skin tones

Playfulness is always in fashion

A very cool top that is now in trend! You can pair it with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for a casual yet stylish look. Additionally, it can be paired with white pants or a black skirt for a more formal or chic ensemble.

Playfulness is always in fashion.jpg?format=webp

You can also try pairing it with denim shorts for a summery vibe, or with a floral skirt to enhance its playful charm. Accessorizing with neutral-colored shoes and minimal jewelry can help highlight the top's vibrant color and statement bow.

Dress in nude tones

As you can see, nude lingerie isn't the only thing that looks cool; nude dresses do too! It's like a second skin! We've never seen Zendaya this elegant and luxurious before!  

Dress in nude tones.jpg?format=webp

While in some outfits she may still look like a teenager, in this dress, she's simply incredible! It's cool that there's a small train - it adds even more luxury and even aristocracy to the look.

Stylish and very appropriate!

It's cool when celebrities can dress not only beautifully but also appropriately. Coming to the premiere of Spider-Man in a luxurious dress with a spider web is a very cool idea! 

Stylish and very appropriate!.jpg?format=webp

This outfit highlights Zendaya's figure and her slimness. The leg slit adds femininity to the look, while the unusual spider web print makes the dress unlike any other.


While traditionally associated with masculinity, Zendaya's ability to rock a suit challenges conventional fashion norms and inspires others to experiment with their wardrobe choices. One reason why Zendaya shines in men's suits is her attention to detail. 


Whether it's a classic black tuxedo or a more modern, colorful ensemble, Zendaya's suits are always impeccably fitted to her body, accentuating her figure while maintaining a sophisticated and polished look.

An unexpected combination

Who would have thought that a simple gray sweater could look so cool even in an evening outfit! It's all thanks to Zendaya's ability to pair seemingly mismatched items. 

An unexpected combination.jpg?format=webp

For example, a casual sweater with such a glamorous semi-transparent skirt looks very dressy and stylish! The silver shoes add even more chic and elegance to the ensemble.

Animal print is always in trend!

Zendaya opted for a very unusual variation of animal print - here you can see both zebra and leopard patterns. In a word, it's very unusual. This look is definitely worth replicating!

Animal print is always in trend!.jpg?format=webp

An animal print would suit individuals who enjoy making bold fashion statements and are not afraid to stand out. It can add an element of fierceness and confidence to one's style.

A classic combination of black and red

Zendaya looks like a Spanish diva in this dress! She looks very bright and at the same time outstanding. Such a dress looks stylish because the sequins add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the outfit, creating a sparkling effect that catches the eye and adds dimension to the overall look.

Classic combination of black and red.jpg?format=webp

Also, the intricate detailing of the sequins often enhances the silhouette of the dress, making it flattering and eye-catching from every angle.

Zendaya knows how to accentuate her assets

Undoubtedly, the actress has an amazing figure, but even perfect proportions can be ruined by poorly chosen clothing. However, this is not the case with Zendaya. She looks stunning on any red carpet. 

Zendaya knows how to accentuate her assets.jpg?format=webp

This dress is alluring yet not vulgar at all. Beige shoes perfectly complement the outfit, visually elongating the legs.

The asymmetry is captivating!

How can a black dress stand out in a crowd? The whole secret lies in its unusual asymmetrical cut. Just look at that slit adorned with sparkling stones on the abdomen. 

The asymmetry is captivating!.jpg?format=webp

It's very cool and stylish! Also, the one-shoulder top looks very trendy - now you can find blouses and dresses of similar style everywhere.

Mix of styles

And again a combination of what seems incongruous at first glance - sport and glamour! By the way, Zendaya does it perfectly. Whether she's rocking a casual tracksuit with elegant heels or pairing a chic dress with sneakers, Zendaya's ability to merge sporty and glamorous pieces showcases her versatility and fashion-forward approach.

Mix of styles.jpg?format=webp

One of the keys to Zendaya's success in this regard lies in her impeccable sense of proportion and balance. She knows how to mix and match different textures, colors, and styles to achieve a harmonious look that exudes both comfort and sophistication.

Zendaya looks even slimmer!

Zendaya looks stunning in a black and white striped dress because it highlights her elegant silhouette while adding a touch of sophistication and playfulness to her overall look. 

Zendaya looks even slimmer!.jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

The contrast between the black and white stripes creates visual interest and adds dimension to the outfit, while the timeless color combination ensures a classic and chic appearance.

Perfect classic

The combination of the cropped jacket and the long skirt creates a visually striking silhouette that highlights her figure while adding a touch of modernity to the outfit. 

Perfect classic.jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

The choice of white adds a sense of freshness and elegance to the outfit, making it suitable for various occasions, from formal events to casual outings.

All trends together!

Zendaya is one of those celebrities who knows how to seamlessly combine different fashion trends. In this look, we see both a stylish dress with a leg slit and an oversized jacket. Individually, these pieces would look cool, but together they look even more stylish!

All trends together! .jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

It's great that Zendaya pairs the black jacket with shoes of the same color. She could also opt for softly pink shoes to match the dress's belt.

Femininity in every detail

This dress with floral print looks incredibly cool with burgundy boots. They exude a sense of elegance and sophistication that effortlessly elevates any outfit. Their rich color adds depth and warmth, making them a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions.

Femininity in every detail.jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

In the colder months, similar footwear adds a cozy and luxurious touch to winter ensembles, while in the warmer months, they can be paired with lightweight fabrics for an unexpected contrast.

Unique outfit

Zendaya stepped out in a long shirt over leather pants. This look exudes casual sophistication and offers a contemporary twist to traditional styling. Such a shirt can be paired with various items. For a relaxed vibe, it can be paired with denim jeans and sneakers. 

Unique outfit.jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

For a more polished ensemble, it can be paired with tailored trousers and heels. It also looks chic when layered over a fitted dress or worn as a lightweight jacket with a tank top and shorts.

Fashionable duo

Straight pink trousers paired with a white oversized jacket are a true fashion bomb! Some people might be puzzled by the black sandals worn over white socks, but this element adds uniqueness to the outfit. 

Fashionable duo.jpg?format=webp@Jjfmish/Reddit.com

Of course, with classic heels, this outfit would be more expected and elegant; however, there is a twist in this look, and that's cool!

Sunny yellow

Zendaya stepped onto the red carpet in a long yellow dress with a midriff cutout. This look exudes elegance and sophistication, with a touch of daring. To complement such a look, one can pair it with minimalist accessories such as delicate gold jewelry and nude heels. 

Sunny yellow.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

Alternatively, adding statement earrings and bold heels can elevate the outfit for a more glamorous appearance.

Very hot!

This look exudes confidence, capturing attention with its bold silhouette and vibrant hue. The combination of the gown's daring neckline and the flowing train adds an element of drama and sophistication, making it a standout choice for red carpet events and formal occasions.

Very hot!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

In this ensemble, Zendaya looks like a true style and beauty icon! She's captivating and holds attention effortlessly!

The focus is on the blouse!

What do we usually expect to see when we hear the word "shirt"? Most likely, a white classic shirt that many people wear. However, this is not about Zendaya! Her blouse resembles a true fashion masterpiece! 

The focus is on the blouse!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

The blue shade combined with satin and voluminous sleeves make this clothing unique and set Zendaya apart from the crowd. It's great that she complemented such a bright blouse with understated dark-colored trousers.

Laconic and perfect

Zendaya in a chocolate brown one-shoulder dress looks stunning. The color complements her complexion beautifully, and the asymmetrical neckline adds an elegant touch to the ensemble.

Laconic and perfect.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

This dress is perfect for various occasions, such as cocktail parties, red carpet events, or upscale dinners. Its sophisticated silhouette and rich color make it a standout choice for any stylish affair.

Barbie style

The vibrant color complements Zendaya's personality and adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to her look. Such an outfit is perfect for a variety of occasions, including fashion events, premieres, or even a stylish daytime outing. 

Barbie style.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

The boldness of the color and the tailored silhouette make it a statement piece that can easily transition from day to night with the right accessories and attitude.

Absolutely charming!

The delicate color complements Zendaya's complexion and exudes a sense of elegance and femininity. To complement such an outfit, she could consider accessorizing with dainty jewelry, such as pearl earrings or a delicate necklace. 

Absolutely charming!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

A pair of nude or blush-toned heels would complete the look, adding a touch of sophistication while allowing the dress to remain the focal point of the outfit.

A dress for a luxurious girl

In this outfit, Zendaya looks undeniably majestic! Her proud gaze complements this luxurious look. You may have already noticed that light tones suit the star very well. 

A dress for a luxurious girl.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

Moreover, Zendaya loves unusual styles that make the outfit very stylish. This dress is another proof of that.

Noble emerald

Zendaya in an emerald evening gown with a thigh-high slit, featuring a corset-style top, exudes sophistication. The rich emerald color looks amazing, while the corset top adds a touch of seduction to the outfit. 

Noble emerald.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

This look is a testament to Zendaya's impeccable sense of style and her ability to effortlessly command attention on the red carpet.

You have never seen such a butterfly before!

It seems Zendaya decided that everyone already knows she has a great sense of style and this time she wanted to surprise everyone with a dress that looks like the wings of a beautiful butterfly! This is a very unexpected and, most importantly, beautiful fashion choice! 

You have never seen such a butterfly before!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

Of course, it's not an everyday outfit but rather for special occasions like glamorous parties or events. The dress is so bright that the other accessories and shoes should be calm and not draw attention to themselves.

In such an outfit it is impossible not to attract attention!

Here, not only the combination of a crop top and an unusual skirt looks cool, but also the fiery red color. Zendaya looks stunning in it! The vibrant hue accentuates her features and adds a bold look.

In such an outfit it is impossible not to attract attention!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

Additionally, red is often associated with passion, power, and vitality, which resonate with Zendaya's charismatic presence and strong personality.

Feathers are always a good idea!

Not sure how to make your outfit unforgettable? Pay attention to clothing adorned with feathers. Often, it looks stylish and elegant. You might wonder how a sheer, elongated shirt can be elegant? It can be! 

Feathers are always a good idea!.jpg?format=webp@ToadsUp/Reddit.com

Suppose adorned with feathers or, for example, shiny stones. Zendaya once again showed how simple things can be turned into works of art.

Super stylish look!

In this ensemble, Zendaya once again proved that she is a true fashion icon! The combination of a chocolate silk mini dress with an elongated jacket of the same color is just wow! 

Super stylish look!.jpg?format=webp@Kibbe/Reddit.com

By the way, attention to detail is also important. For example, did you notice the silk choker in the same shade as Zendaya's dress around her neck? It's another highlight of the outfit!

Zendaya's street style is equally cool!

This monochromatic light look is direct proof that looking stylish is not difficult at all. Straight-cut trousers made of light, flowing fabric are a must-have for autumn or spring. 

Zendaya's street style is equally cool!.jpg?format=webp@Kibbe/Reddit.com

An oversized elongated sweater is also a versatile piece that will make any outfit incredibly stylish.

The dress has a very unusual cut!

As you have probably noticed, Zendaya loves unique cuts and textures. The star also often chooses brown as the color of her outfits. This is appropriate because all shades of brown suit her complexion. But let's get back to the cut of the dress. 

The dress has a very unusual cut!.jpg?format=webp@Kibbe/Reddit.com

It's very unusual - it looks stylish and slightly daring. Thanks to the mini length, which is currently very popular, the focus is on Zendaya's slender legs. It's stylish and beautiful!

Skillful clothing combination

The first cool thing about this outfit is its monochromatic nature. The beige color suits Zendaya very well, and the black boots appropriately complement the look. 

Skillful clothing combination.jpg?format=webp@99agirl/Reddit.com

The oversized cardigan looks cool - you can wear it for a casual stroll or for a glamorous event if you accessorize it correctly with other clothing, as Zendaya did.

Simple and yet very stylish

This beautiful sweater dress that suits Zendaya so well! It seems simple, but at the same time, the star looks simply stunning! Such clothing can be worn with classic pumps as well as with other options.

Simple and yet very stylish.jpg?format=webp@Kibbe/Reddit.com

When it comes to styling an oversized sweater dress, there are several chic options. You can pair it with knee-high boots for a cozy yet stylish look, or layer it with leggings or skinny jeans for added warmth and dimension.

Very, very hot look!

The older Zendaya gets, the more revealing her outfits sometimes become. But this makes her look even more stylish and seductive. She looks simply magnificent in this dress!

Very, very hot look!.jpg?format=webp@summermadness89/Reddit.com

Despite the deep neckline, there is not a hint of vulgarity. You can wear such a dress to any party - you will be the star of the evening wherever you go!

Modern Classic

Even when combining classic pieces, Zendaya's look never appears boring. The whole secret lies in the details. For example, the checkered pattern of the skirt and the gold buttons on the black polo. 

Modern classic.jpg?format=webp@99agirl/Reddit.com

It is important to remember that the outfit consists of details, and they can either adorn you or make you less attractive. But there is no dispute - Zendaya looks good in any style.

Style is in the details

As you can see, even in just jeans and a black top, you can look stylish! The main thing is that the clothes are trendy and fashionable models. Similar loose jeans, such as tomboy jeans, are best suited for a relaxed, casual look. They typically complement figures with straight or slightly curvy body shapes, providing comfort and a laid-back style.

Style is in the details.jpg?format=webp@Goddessspeed/Reddit.com

These jeans can be paired with a variety of tops, including t-shirts, tank tops, or oversized sweaters, for a trendy and effortless appearance.

Retro star

Zendaya often embraces retro style in her clothing choices because it allows her to express her unique sense of fashion. Retro styles often offer a blend of nostalgia and modernity! 

Retro star.jpg?format=webp@Lotusboom/Reddit.com

Additionally, retro fashion provides Zendaya with an opportunity to explore diverse styles and experiment with different looks, showcasing her versatility and creativity in the world of fashion.

Fashionable tiger print!

As we've mentioned before, animal prints remain at the forefront of fashion trends, including tiger print. This suit suits Zendaya very well - even with tiger boots. Wow! 

Fashionable tiger print!.jpg?format=webp@Sansaisderanged/Reddit.com

Also, the material from which the outfit is made - velvet - looks very cool and is also in fashion. Want to be the most stylish guest at the event? Then boldly replicate such a look.

Bright accents!

It's easy to see that Zendaya simply loves to be the center of attention and accentuates her style with bright accents. For example, in this evening dress, there's a very unusual decoration the size of the entire back of the girl! 

Bright accents! .jpg?format=webp@charlesrichard1994/Reddit.com

It looks simply mesmerizing. In such a dress, you'll definitely want to maintain perfect posture!