These People Had No Idea They Were Comedy Geniuses Until They Posted These Memes Online

05 Apr 2024

Memes have not only become an integral part of internet culture but also a subject of study! Not everyone knows, for example, that Harvard and Oxford conduct research on meme culture, analyzing the impact of memes on digital communication. Such attention is due to the immense popularity of memes, without which millions of people worldwide can no longer imagine their lives! We have prepared some cool memes for you that are guaranteed to lift your spirits, along with the most interesting facts about them!

Next time he can ask for $200

Of course, the main feature of a good meme is great humor and... logic! For example, in this meme, there's a quite logical question - if a girl agrees to do anything for $50, then why not ask her for $100? It's quite logical and…funny!

Next time he can ask for 200.jpg?format=webp@iamrwaga/

By the way, memes create a digital history! They introduce new phrases, concepts, and trends that permeate both online and offline discourse. Words like "LOL," "facepalm," and "epic fail" originated from meme culture and have become widely understood expressions.

April Fool's Day has never been so interactive! 

We're even willing to play along with such jokes and try out all those candies! And if you're delighted that we live in a modern world where both April Fool's jokes and memes are popular, we'll surprise you with the shocking fact that the concept of a "meme" first appeared... in 1976! 

April Fool's Day has never been so interactive! .jpg?format=webp@Teeto Tee/verynicememethanks/

It was introduced by ethologist Richard Dawkins in the last chapter of his book The Selfish Gene. According to the scientist, the term represents a unit of information transmission in human cultural evolution, analogous to a gene in genetics.

This meme definitely contains a grain of truth! 

We don't know how it works, but looking at photos from the past, it seems like people in their 30s looked much older than modern-day 30-year-olds. Or maybe we just want to believe that we look young when in reality, we don't? Well, we suggest you continue believing in your irresistibility and learn another shocking fact about memes! 

This meme definitely contains a grain of truth.jpg?format=webp@Foxes Jeanette/verynicememethanks/

It turns out that there's a special science for their study, and it's called memetics! As far back as 1983, Douglas Hofstadter proposed using this term in the journal Scientific American, drawing an analogy with genetics.

No place without a cat!

While some are busy creating typical memes about single women with 40 cats, others go further and show by their own example that sometimes a cat is no worse than a boyfriend! Isn't it more interesting to watch someone else's drama with a cat by your side? We don't have drama for you, but we do have another cool fact about memes. It turns out there's even a "meme economy"!

No place without a cat!.jpg?format=webp@Ashlie Tavares/verynicememethanks/

By the way, the proliferation of memes has given rise to a "meme economy," where individuals create, share, and trade memes as a form of cultural currency. Some online communities even develop their own economies based on the production and consumption of memes, with dedicated forums for buying, selling, and rating meme formats.

Life lesson!

Street magicians and clowns often deceive people for money, so why not play a trick on them? Of course, this is just a meme, but there's definitely a grain of truth in it! Overall, internet humor reflects societal trends and shows both the positive and negative aspects of society. 

Life lesson!.jpg?format=webp@Snt Favour/verynicememethanks/

It's a kind of mirror of humanity where you can also track people's thoughts on various situations through comments.

Do you also do that? 

We think many recognized themselves in this meme! This, by the way, is a distinguishing feature of memes - many people see their reflection in them. By the way, if you didn't know, there are a whopping 5 billion internet users in the world! 

Do you also do that.jpg?format=webp@Sam Howard/verynicememethanks/

Therefore, it's not surprising that memes have become a global language through which people from different countries and even continents can communicate. Humor knows no boundaries!

The main thing is to make a cute face at the right time!

When you don't want to do something, just smile and pretend you don't understand anything - that's what this cute meme teaches! But seriously, such a conversation with the boss is unlikely to end well.

The main thing is to make a cute face at the right time!.jpg?format=webp@Ciarra Tavares-Girsback/verynicememethanks/

However, regularly watching memes will definitely benefit you, and it's even proven by scientists! For example, in 2021, specialists from the American Psychological Association studied how watching memes help cope with stress: scientists traced the connection between viewing COVID-19 jokes and the ability to overcome the fear of the coronavirus.

Another realistic meme!

Well, with interesting and sometimes shocking facts about memes, we've covered them, and now we offer you to enjoy a fresh batch of memes that will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Another realistic meme!.jpg?format=webp @Amy Goldberg/verynicememethanks/

In this meme with Leonardo DiCaprio, many will feel nostalgia. After all, almost all of us, during childhood, while watching cartoons, imagined ourselves in the place of this or that character. Childhood imagination is a separate topic for discussion!

The best viral meme

The fact that many people adore memes is well demonstrated by the phenomenon of certain memes going viral! Under the same images, users come up with various captions that quickly gain popularity online. 

The best viral memes.jpg?format=webp@March 6, 2024/

For example, after the release of the music video for Canadian rapper Drake's song Hotline Bling in October 2015, where he dances in various outfits, a whole series of memes featuring him emerged, which remain popular even today! Users found that Drake's dance fits various situations.

Grumpy Cat

We want to continue our collection of viral memes, and surely you've seen Grumpy Cat– arguably the most famous internet meme of all time! People still haven't tired of coming up with witty captions for photos of this adorable cat. This cat gained its fame after a photo of its grumpy face was posted on Reddit. 

Grumpy Cat.jpg?format=webp@Elise Moreau/03.13.20/

Interestingly, since then, it has earned huge revenues from its line of merchandise, as well as from a 2014 holiday movie in which it played the lead role. Unfortunately in 2019, the cat died.

Two cult movies of our time cannot leave us indifferent!

The popularity of memes about Oppenheimer and Barbie reflects the enduring fascination people have with iconic figures in pop culture. Memes featuring Oppenheimer often capture memorable scenes or quotes from the movie, Oppenheimer, which serve as a rich source of historical references. 

Two cult movies of our time cannot leave us indifferent!.jpg?format=webp@ethannestor/

On the other hand, Barbie memes playfully explore various aspects of femininity, societal norms, and pop culture references associated with the iconic doll. These memes serve as a reflection of contemporary society's humor!

The Barbie meme theme has been popular for many months now! 

As you can see, even a cute Barbie movie can have a deep meaning! Of course, it's not to say that women can do everything while men, like Ken dolls, represent nothing. 

The Barbie meme theme has been popular for many months now! .jpg?format=webp@finaIghost/

But it's another reason to reflect once again on the fact that women are often underestimated - unfortunately, statistics show that even in the 21st century, women in equivalent positions to men earn less.

You never know when you might become a viral meme!

This is another example of a viral meme that emerged completely spontaneously! The well-known actor Pedro Pascal was simply eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during a video shoot. As a result, the video became a popular template on TikTok and beyond! 

You never know when you might become a viral meme!.jpg?format=webp@Top Best 10 Memes of 2023/

On March 7, 2023, TikToker @getbybus edited Pedro Pascal chewing into their video. According to the creator, the actor effectively portrays the state of a person who is tired at work and enjoying their lunch break. The video garnered over 1.2 million views and 100k likes.

Royal memes

Members of The Royal Family often become the focus of public attention as well as subjects of humor and... memes! For example, the coronation of King Charles III, the first British coronation in over 80 years, not only became very popular on the internet but also inspired creative users to create thousands of memes featuring the king! 

Royal memes.jpg?format=webp@photoxNFT/

Photos of Charles are still used as templates for memes. It makes one wonder, does the king himself find this amusing or not so much?

Even at a court session, stars can become the heroes of viral memes!

When Gwyneth Paltrow found herself at the center of a civil lawsuit alleging that she collided with another skier, Sanderson, at the Park City ski resort in 2016, she certainly wasn't in the mood for fun. The star vehemently denied her guilt, and the trial dragged on, resembling a TV series! 

Even at a court session, stars can become the heroes of viral memes! .jpg?format=webp@LukeBarnett/

Users couldn't resist and created many memes with the star, which spread across the internet! Interestingly, it all ended with the jury concluding that Sanderson was at fault for the accident and that his negligence caused harm to Paltrow, resulting in a $1 award to her. 

The X/Twitter rebranding didn't leave anyone indifferent!

After a lengthy process of acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk officially rebranded the social media platform, and since then it has been called X. These changes were met with criticism and, of course, a large number of memes! 

The X:Twitter rebranding didn't leave anyone indifferent!.jpg?format=webp@marionumber4/

People didn't understand why the social media platform was given such a strange name, but they certainly had a good laugh about it!

This photo of Selena sparked an unexpected reaction!

After singer Selena Gomez shared a photo of herself wrapped in a blanket, users didn't remain indifferent. For some reason, people's reactions online were quite unusual - many began using this photo to create memes about someone being exhausted and tired. 

This photo of Selena sparked an unexpected reaction!.jpg?format=webp@kemimarie/

Although in our opinion, in this photo Selena appears quite relaxed and happy.

Once more viral meme

Kevin James became the king of memes when a photo of his character Doug Heffernan from The King of Queens, grinning and exuding indescribable energy, went viral. 

Once more viral meme!.jpg?format=webp@swirlgirlxo/

People started coming up with all sorts of funny captions that could describe a variety of life situations. It's amazing how people have such rich imagination that makes others smile!

The Roman Empire is still at the peak of popularity

It's amazing how a viral discussion about whether all men often think about the Roman Empire started. In this trend, women were asking their men how often they think about the Roman Empire, and they were often surprised by the results because many answered affirmatively. 

The Roman Empire is still at the peak of popularity!.jpg?format=webp@PopCulture2000s/

Well, it seems like it's time to come up with the next trend and ask men how often they dream of cleaning the house or buying their wife the car she's been dreaming of for so long!

The trend of memes is cyclical

It's no secret that often the subjects of memes are things that were popular even in the last century! For example, this iconic green doll stole the hearts of millions of viewers on The Muppet Show back in the 1950s, but it only became an internet meme sensation relatively recently! 

The trend of memes is cyclical!.jpg?

Among the most notable memes is Kermit sipping tea with passive-aggressive text. There's definitely something creative about it!

It's time to squint

The photograph featuring this squinting woman actually originated from a snapshot taken on Instagram, which went viral in March 2018. 

It's time to squint!.jpg?format=webp@anlyin/

Since then, this image has been applied to any circumstances that seem unbelievable, whether it's a parking situation in New York, someone's strange behavior, or anything else! It all depends on your imagination!

Evil Patrick

Also known as "Evil Patrick," this meme features a photograph of the character Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants with a menacing look from a 1999 episode. 

Evil Patrick.jpg?format=webp@PaulFaire/

Twitter picked it up roughly and started using the image along with explanations of bad behavior or motives. It's funny how characters from cartoons or movies from the past gain a second wave of popularity in this way! 

Art and memes

In the world, there are many unique works of classical art, and of course, there were creative individuals who figured out how to turn them into memes. 

Art and memes.jpg?format=webp@KnowYourMeme/

Although memes inspired by art can be traced back to as early as 2004, more recognizable memes gained popularity not so long ago! Well, art even inspires the creation of memes, and that's cool!

Better not to play with fire

Oh, those people who love to test the patience of others! We think you definitely know such individuals and probably don't want to remember them again. 

Better not to play with fire!.jpg?format=webp@Amy Goldberg/verynicememethanks/

Some people deal with such individuals in calculated ways - for example, by keeping compromising information about them. As they say, all is fair in love and war!

Did you do that? We think so!

Why do so many people feel an irresistible urge to do exactly what they're told not to? It's like the universe saying, "Don't press that big red button," and suddenly you're wrestling with the forces of temptation, trying to resist the siren call of that tantalizing, forbidden button. 

Did you do that.jpg?format=webp@Kayla King/verynicememethanks/

It's human nature to be drawn to the forbidden fruit, to yearn for the thrill of rebellion, even if it's just against a mundane rule or social convention.

It's better to be yourself

Ever noticed how sometimes we all want to look way more serious than we actually are? It's like we're all trying to channel our inner James Bond or Sherlock Holmes, strutting around with furrowed brows and a mysterious aura, as if we're about to solve the world's greatest mysteries over a cup of tea. 

It's better to be yourself.jpg?format=webp@Lydia Holcomb/verynicememethanks/

But let's be real – most of us couldn't solve a crossword puzzle without Google, let alone crack a high-stakes case. 

Never give up!

So, you thought 2024 was going to be your year of triumph, but instead, it's shaping up to be more like a kit of errors? Don't worry, you're not alone! If life's throwing lemons at you faster than you can say "lemonade," pretend you're starring in your very own sitcom and roll with the punches. 

Never give up!.jpg?format=webp@Kayla King/verynicememethanks/

After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Just try not to slip on those banana peels life keeps tossing your way.

Even this cat proves you can always be creative

Ah, the classic "open door in a public restroom" dilemma – a true test of your problem-solving skills and ability to maintain your composure in the face of adversity.

Even this cat proves you can always be creative!.jpg?format=webp@Leah Lemonovich/verynicememethanks/

Whatever you do, don't panic! Just remember the meme with that cat and hold the door with one hand! Then you won't have to worry about any curious onlookers peeking in on you!

It's the Ice Age squirrel

We're sure this adorable squirrel has a lot of fans! Apparently, one of them installed this water tap at home. Of course, it's just a coincidence, but they really do look alike! 

It's the Ice Age squirrel! .jpg?format=webp@Wolf805/

It's cool to find something funny in everyday things! It helps to always stay in a good mood no matter what!

Here is an example of great relationships between neighbors

If you sometimes find it difficult to get along with your neighbors, you might want to take note of this meme. Yes, we're totally serious about it! After all, it's an example of how instead of conflict, you can turn everything into a joke and still get what you want. 

Here is an example of great relationships between neighbors!.jpg?format=webp@chubbypock3tgirl/

We're sure that after receiving such a message, any intelligent neighbor will understand the sarcasm and realize that it's actually better to play music a little quieter.

A lot of people know this feeling

If you find yourself in this sticky situation and feel too awkward to ask for repayment, fear not! Casually drop hints about your impending yacht purchase or exotic vacation plans, subtly reminding your friend of their outstanding debt. 

A lot of people know this feeling.jpg?format=webp@splitkid7/

After all, who wouldn't want to contribute to your newfound wealth and success?

People also have to pay for many other things

Of course, we all understand that there's nothing free in the world and that everything comes at a cost. Sometimes, when there's no strength left to be inspired, the only motivation left is the thought that if you don't work, you'll starve. 

People also have to pay for many other things! .jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

Of course, it's a questionable motivation, but still better than nothing. The main thing, however, is not to forget about relaxation so as not to burn out - as an option for relaxation, you can watch funny memes!

It's not just Dad who does this

Why do some people who wake up early eagerly await the awakening of all other family members? Perhaps they see themselves as the guardians of the morning routine, ensuring that every bleary-eyed family member is present and accounted for before the day officially kicks off. 

It's not just Dad who does this!.jpg?format=webp@MelanieWalmartinez/

Or maybe they just can't wait to unleash their meticulously planned breakfast menu upon the unsuspecting household, eager to impress with their culinary prowess. Whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: the early risers are the heroes!

Mission accomplished

If you find yourself faced with a furry obstacle course while behind the wheel, fear not! Roll down your window and attempt to communicate with the dogs using your best "woof" impression. 

Mission accomplished.jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

Who knows, maybe you'll establish a rapport and they'll part like the Red Sea before Moses!

Karma in action

Well, in reality, such situations are very common - and it's not surprising, because karma really works! So, if someone decides to learn how to deceive people, then they shouldn't be surprised if they are also deceived, and in the simplest way possible.

Karma in action!.jpg?format=webp@OriganooClappa/

So instead of coming up with scams, it's better to come up with a funny meme!

Everyone dreamed of such wealth

The lavish lifestyles of wealthy kids in the '90s were like living in a candy store with an unlimited credit card! While we mere mortals were playing with our Tamagotchis and pogs, these kids were cruising around in their mini motorized cars, complete with personalized license plates and a built-in sound system blasting the latest boy band hits.

Everyone dreamed of such wealth!.jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

So, while the rest of us were trading stickers and swapping lunchbox snacks, these lucky kids were living out their wildest dreams in a world where the only limit was the size of their trust fund. Oh, to be a '90s kid with money to burn – now that's what I call the real game of life!

Curious cat

It's like having your own personal furry shadow wherever you go! If you find yourself accompanied by a curious kitty every time you step into the bathroom, keep a stash of catnip in your bathroom cabinet and sprinkle it liberally before each visit. 

Curious cat.jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

Your cat will be so blissed out on the sweet scent of catnip that they won't even notice your presence – it's the purr-fect solution for a peaceful bathroom experience.

Spot on!

Poor celebrities are constantly in the spotlight of cameras! Famous singers and actors more often than anyone else become the heroes of various memes, and it's not surprising. 

Spot on!.jpg?format=webp@Wholesomememes/

This time, Post Malone was targeted, with his mustache compared to kissing capybaras – well, not the worst comparison!

Some people like to take risks

We all know that when you have a lot to do but your head or something else treacherously aches, heavy artillery comes into play! For example, pills mixed with energy drinks! Yes, some people drink such a concoction! 

Some people like to take risks!.jpg?format=webp@Meme/

But we definitely do not recommend repeating this if you want to maintain your health. And if you sometimes indulge in this, too, then we're sure you smiled looking at this meme and hope that you've thought about not doing it again.

They'll definitely “take care” of your confidentiality

Well, this meme is proof that not everyone can be trusted. At least, if you're counting on complete confidentiality and sharing something very confidential with someone, then remember this life meme once again! 

They'll definitely “take care” of your confidentiality!.jpg?format=webp@andrusky00/

Similar stories often happen not only on TV but also in real life when you trust someone with your secret and they brazenly tell it to others.

Introverts in search of love

A quest for love in the introvert's world – it's like searching for a needle in a haystack while preferring to stay indoors! But fear not, fellow introverts, for there are ways to find your soulmate without venturing too far from your comfort zone!

Introverts in search of love.jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

Pursue your passions and join clubs or groups centered around your interests. Whether it's a painting class, a board game meetup, or a dance class, you'll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate your introverted charms.

Even memes featuring Margot Robbie are destined for success

What an incredible beauty she is! Margot Robbie has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide, and it's no wonder – she's incredibly beautiful and talented! She shines both as Harley Quinn and as Barbie, as well as being the heroine of memes! 

Even memes featuring Margot Robbie are destined for success! .jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

We think the creator of this meme is very clever because they understand that choosing a character for a meme is already half the battle!   

Awkward situation

It's like a real-life game of "Whoops, that could've been me!" Master the art of blending into your surroundings like a chameleon in a crowd. When the sirens blare and the handcuffs click, simply disappear into the nearest inconspicuous hiding spot. Adopt an expression of pure innocence and bewilderment as you observe the chaos unfolding before you.

Awkward situation.jpg?format=webp@Fruit_mon/

Channel your inner amateur detective and mutter phrases like "I was just passing by" or "I swear, I have no idea what's going on" – after all, plausible deniability is your best friend in times of trouble. Of course, this is all humor and we hope you are definitely not a criminal!

Intimate scenes on every corner

The age-old question: why do filmmakers feel compelled to sneak an intimate scene into almost every movie? It's like they have a quota to meet – "Must include at least one steamy moment per film, or risk disappointing the audience!" 

Intimate scenes on every corner.jpg?format=webp@SimpleButFun/

Let's face it, s*x sells – and filmmakers know it! By sprinkling in a dash of romance and a pinch of passion, they're tapping into the primal desires of moviegoers everywhere and ensuring a packed house on opening night. After all, who can resist the allure of a little on-screen chemistry?

Peculiar humor

What to do when Dad's jokes land flatter than a pancake on a hot griddle? It's like a comedy show where the punchlines are missing in action, and the audience is left scratching their heads in confusion. When faced with one of Dad's less-than-stellar jokes, remember the golden rule of family harmony: fake it 'til you make it! 

Peculiar humor.jpg?format=webp@Mamerson2023/

Let out a polite chuckle or a sympathetic smile, and nod your head as if you've just witnessed the comedic genius of the century. After all, sometimes a little white lie is the glue that holds families together.

That's a good idea!

Want to replicate the success of the woman in the photo but don't want to repeat her idea? We have an offer! Embrace your inner meme queen and choose a photo that showcases your sense of humor – whether it's a hilarious facial expression, a witty caption, or a meme-inspired pose. 

That's a good idea!.jpg?format=webp@Memes/

Remember, confidence is key, and laughter is the best icebreaker! And if we're being serious, it's always best to stay true to yourself, and your right match will always find you!

A table with a “surprise”

Well, if on the day this photo was taken the sun was particularly active, this guy might not be feeling too great! At the very least, he'll have a lot of questions to answer to his girlfriend. 

A table with a @Mamerson2023/

It might seem like he was walking around in fishnet stockings, hence his legs got sunburned in such a peculiar way. And few will guess that it was just a table on the café terrace!

The current generation has seen almost everything

Well, the 21st century isn't a walk in the park, and it seems like the modern generation has already experienced practically all trials and tribulations! We wouldn't be surprised if aliens landed on Earth because it seems like nothing can surprise us anymore. 

The current generation has seen almost everything!.jpg?format=webp@Calm_Target_2942/

We can only hope that a bright future awaits us without any unpleasant surprises.

Some people don't take the hint

If your conversation partner doesn't catch your hints that you're ready to wrap things up, it's time to get creative! Try dropping subtle hints like, "Well, this has been fun, but my pet goldfish is waiting for me to feed it" or something like this. 

Some people don't take the hint.jpg?format=webp@Memes/

If all else fails, you could always pretend like someone is calling you urgently and you need to rush to their aid! Remember, there's always a witty way to politely end the conversation.

It's both a laughing matter

Well, this amusing meme is a perfect example of how things don't always go as planned. However, joking aside, over the last thousand years, our world has transformed significantly in every aspect. 

It's both a laughing matter!.jpg?format=webp@9Quetzalcoatl6/

It makes you wonder, will our descendants be reading our memes and laughing at them? Or will they have an entirely different sense of humor in vogue?