Old photos that prove - grandparents were cooler than us

13 Jul 2023

Are you ready to go back and look at the past of our grandparents in a different way? If so, get into the "time machine" with us and let's go!

Salesmen, 1940s

Since the invention of the four-wheeled motorized means of transportation, car salesmen have been making bargains. These men are gathered together in this image and are attempting to haggle for this car. The average price of an automobile is around $850, so $100 for this beauty was a real deal. For some people in the 1940s, that was a month's wage. While it may not seem like much to the modern shopper, it was a lot back then. A automobile was a luxury, not something you absolutely needed. Therefore, whatever of these gentlemen drove off in that car did so with a higher social standing.

Salesmen – 1940s.jpg@MyDogGoldi/Reddit.com

Mercedes-Benz, 1970s

Many people still attempt to replicate it because it is a timeless position. This woman appears to have invented the traditional "sit on the hood of one's car" stance. It also helps if the vehicle is as well-groomed as the one in front of it. There is no denying the retro vibe of this Mercedes-Benz. We just hope the lady remembers to put on some shoes before driving that gorgeous car.

Mercedes-Benz – 1970s.jpg@Scaulbylausis/Reddit.com

Mexico, 1950

Even without knowing the page's title, you probably wouldn't require much time to determine where this photograph was taken in 1950. Of course, it is Mexico. The rich colors and eye-catching signage in this picture hide the exact area where it was taken. However, the word "cafe" is written in a smaller font on one billboard.

Mexico, 1950.jpg@GaGator/Reddit.com

Human Resume, 1930s

Over the past century, the methods by which people locate employment have changed. For a long, sending employers a printed copy of your resume was the primary method of applying for jobs. These days, you can send it an email or even use your LinkedIn profile to get jobs. However, some people shouted out their resumes on the streets back in the 1930s. Then there are those who, like the man in this old photograph, use their bodies as moving billboards for their resumes.

Human Resume – 1930s.jpg@recruitinghell/Reddit.com

Mother is feeding the Son,1930s

It's a finding that many historians have already made: it seems like people appeared to be considerably older than they actually were 100 years ago. In the 1930s, 30-year-olds would have appeared to be much older! Take this lady, for instance. Although she appears to be 50 years old by today's standards, if we had to guess, we'd say she was at least a decade younger at the time of the photo's capture.

Mother is feeding the Son – 193os.jpg@CatPooedInMyShoe/Reddit.com

Skateboarding to Work, 1982

This guy shows that you can still be true to yourself even if you work for a corporate corporation in one of the more recent shots on this collection of old pictures. Actually, skateboarding has been around since the 1940s. But before the sport caught on with the general public, several decades would pass. Skateboarding culture, however, had already taken off by the time this photograph was taken. We suppose this guy put his shoes in his suitcase.

Skateboarding to Work, 1982.jpg@targat2/Reddit.com

Swimsuits, 1920s

Possibly you are asking yourself, "What on earth is going on?" as you glance at this old picture. We were also requesting information, so we wouldn't be shocked. That serves as evidence of how far civilization has advanced in the last century. In essence, this man was taking measurements to evaluate whether or not women's swimsuits were too short. In most regions of the world now, this practice is uncommon, but it was common in the 1920s.

Swimsuits – 1920s.jpg@kibblenbits/Reddit.com

Times Square, 1904

Wow, how times have changed. Times Square in New York City is currently the center of commerce in the Big Apple. The number of neon lights and advertising there is really amazing, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country.

However, Times Square appeared to be a very different street in 1904, more than a century ago. There isn't much of a similarity between then and now, save from the One Times Square structure in the picture's center.

Times Square – 1904.jpg@Lost Architecture/Reddit.com

Ice Skater In A Suit, 1937

Although it's uncommon today, it was completely common to see guys in formal attire putting on their skates and searching for the nearest rink in the 1930s. Nowadays, many wear casual gear, including jeans and tracksuit bottoms, to go ice skating. But back then, there were more differences than only the environment and fashions—there were also mentalities. After a long day at the office, feel free to go ice skating.

Ice Skater In A Suit – 1937.jpg@OldSchoolCool/Reddit.com

Stylish Man, 1940s

There is no doubting that during the 1940s, millions of people all around the world were concerned about war and the precarious nature of daily existence. This did not, however, prevent individuals from getting up in the morning, dressing nicely, and proceeding down the street just because they could. The ability to do it served as the pinnacle of American freedom. Consider this man, who was unquestionably the most well-groomed person on the main street that day.

Stylish Man – 1940s.jpg@AmWorks2k15/Reddit.com

Beauty Pageant, 1920

It might surprise you to learn that this particular beauty contest is relatively new in terms of the traditional competition. Beauty pageants are thought to have existed since the Middle Ages. The previous several centuries, however, have seen them develop into a truly significant occasion for those who participate. It's incredible to think that the first Miss America contest, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, not long after this photograph was shot, was held.

Beauty Pageant – 1920.jpg@loox37/Reddit.com

Burger King, 1970s

Although fast food restaurants have been around for quite some time, Burger King was just 20 years old in the 1970s when this picture was shot. This iconic burger eatery still uses the same logo. But given the disco-like, psychedelic color palette of the restaurant's facade, it is rather simple to determine the era this vintage photograph was taken. Burger King is a good illustration of a phenomenon that simply never changes.

Burger King – 1970s.jpg@FoamyJr/Reddit.com

Harlem, 1970s

The 1970s were among the worst in many aspects in the history of Harlem. After the government invested millions of dollars in a ten-year plan to nearly enhance every part of the neighborhood, there were few signs of development. This was one of the Manhattan neighborhoods that suffered greatly because of pervasive problems involving poverty, drug misuse, crime, and inadequate education. Even while the neighborhood still has problems, things have changed significantly.

Harlem – 1970s.jpg@MikeyNapoli/YouTube.com

Rock N’ Roll

Parents were quick to criticize the new musical genre of Rock N' Roll when it initially emerged. It's amusing to think about today how they were certain it encouraged youthful criminality. It's pure gold to look back at historical photos of young kids rocking out in the style of the day. Just take a look at the man's face. He doesn't appear to be older than 20 and appears to be having a great time. With all of his bad friends, he undoubtedly sneaked away to attend the dance.

Rock N’ Roll.jpg@OldSchoolCool/Reddit.com

Keeping Cool, New York City, 1943

In New York City, a lot has changed throughout time. The sweltering summers, on the other hand, haven't changed all that much since we can recall. There were heat waves in the midst of the summer even in 1943, and New Yorkers would come up with a variety of strategies to stay cool. Consider these friends, who are dumping buckets of icy water on one another.

Keeping Cool – New York City, 1943.jpg@OldSchoolCool/Reddit.com

Let’s have the Party, Texas, 1940s

There were several festivities in the 1940s when the troops came home from the war, both to mark the end of the conflict and the upcoming holidays. Nothing compares to dancing to enjoy the joys of Christmas. These men undoubtedly appear to be enjoying themselves with a huge band playing and lots of women to dance the night away.

Let’s have the Party – Texas 1940s.jpg@AxlCobainVedder/Reddit.com

Friends Posing on the Beach, 1950s

There must be something wrong with you if you don't enjoy visiting the beach. Okay, so sand can be unpleasant, but aside from that, it's one of the most amazing feelings in the world. It promotes social interaction and is a great place to go with friends, family, or even a date. It was decided by this adorable group of pals to take a group photo with the horizon in the background.

Friends Posing on the Beach – 1950s.jpg@rat_cheese_token/Reddit.com

Disneyland, 1961

This lady and her daughter appear to have made a wish upon a star, which came true! Without a doubt, these two are not applying to be one of the seven dwarfs, as much as Snow White and her friends might like that. A visit to Disneyland is a must for everybody who like Disney films, at least once in their lifetime. Make sure you bring your own kids if you didn't go as a kid.

Disneyland, 1961.jpg@Truffle0214/Reddit.com

Picnic, 1900s

Since the beginning of time, people have pretty much always gone on picnics. Consequently, it shouldn't be too shocking to see a vintage photo of two women and one of their sons enjoying fruit and cake while sitting in a park. Even yet, it still boggles the mind that this picture was taken more than a century ago. Everything about it, from the costumes to the beautiful teapot, screams that it dates from a different time period.

Picnic – 1900s.jpg@curlsontop/Reddit.com

Tehran, 1960s

How quickly things can change in less than 50 years is amply illustrated by these old photographs. Tehran, the capital of Iran, appeared to be no different from any other large Western city in the 1960s. The city's infrastructure was not just up-to-date and sophisticated; society was also far more secular. People had far more freedom to live their lives and dress however they pleased. The Iran you see today was then made possible by the Iranian Revolution.

Tehran – 1960s.jpg@Cosmicreature/Reddit.com

Rocker, 1970s

It had to be the punk genre if there was ever a subculture that utterly politicized how rock n' roll was viewed. What was already thought of as a music genre that pushed the limits received a fresh coat of attitude from this approach. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones, among other punk bands, had a significant impact on how people dressed, conversed, and even thought. This man fit the mold of the genre's devotee.

Rocker – 1970s.jpg@DimeBarADozen/Reddit.com

To Woodstock, 1969

The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and the Grateful Dead were just a few of the artists who performed at Woodstock, which was held from August 15 to August 17 in the summer of 1969. The Catskills were inundated by those who were fortunate enough to attend this rock n' roll spectacular, which was akin to a modern-day pilgrimage. As you can see, some individuals made an effort to avoid crowded areas by taking naps in their personal vehicles.

To Woodstock – 1969.jpg@itsahhmemario/Reddit.com

Lady on the beach, 1940s

This picture reminds us of a period when women could still have fun and connect with their inner children. The stunning bikini is what we find most striking in this picture. Such photos inspire to buy a ticket and fly on a long-awaited vacation.

Lady on the beach – 1940s.jpg@Quick_Presentation11/Reddit.com

So bright!, 1960s

The woman's knitted top, which appears to be ahead of its time, is what makes this old photo so captivating. Although the tie and collar design is fairly cool, the knitting gives it a look more associated with 80s culture than with ties or collars. In addition to the orange and black's striking contrast, the woman's mascara stands out in a complementing way.

So bright! – 1960s.jpg@mrlapista/Reddit.com

Getting Some Sun, Capri, 1950s

The Roy Ayers song Everybody Loves the Sunshine comes to mind. In any case, we think that this should be modified to 99% of People Love the Sunshine, because, let's face it, not everyone is a fan. It made sense for this woman to sit on the automobile in the 1950s, when she was content to relax outside and enjoy a glass of lemonade.

Getting Some Sun – Capri, 1950s.jpg@MyDogGoldi/Reddit.com

Hitchhiker with Flowers, Oklahoma, 1973

Our only assumption is that the young woman was hitchhiking while toting a bouquet of flowers. However, for all we know, she may have been doing on Valentine's Day was merely hawking last-minute flower buyers from the side of the road. It's hard to deny how cool it is that she was holding flowers and was sporting a floral-themed blouse. But it's definitely not as cool as the real lady.

Hitchhiker with Flowers – Oklahoma, 1973.jpg@wemtastic/Reddit.com

Young Businessman, 1960

Let's now go back to the 1960s. Take this man, for instance, who was undoubtedly a prominent person based only on his impressive-looking outfit. He has a great look! The further back in time a photograph is shot, the more one's clothing looked to reflect their financial situation.

Young Businessman – 1960.jpg@AxlCobainVedder/Reddit.com

Couple Sunbathing, 1940s

Is it just us, or was this pair seeking some peace and quiet? That appears to be what occurred based on this old photograph from the 1940s. In any case, this couple appeared to be enough enjoying their vacation to a natural reserve.  They appear to be drying themselves in the summer heat after taking a swim in the sea.

Couple Sunbathing – 1940s.jpg@Paul-Belgium/Reddit.com

New York Subway, 1970s

This guy personifies either the idea of being "cool" or the idea of being "tired after a hard day's work." Possibly, it combines the two. Not to mention the several pieces of graffiti that are all over him. For more than a century, the Subway has been a staple of life in New York City and serves as the primary form of transportation for millions of residents. Numerous movie sequences and music videos have been shot there because of its significant cultural importance.

New York Subway – 1970s.jpg@vienna95/Reddit.com

Happy boy

Gerald Waller captured this renowned and enduring image in Vienna, Austria, in front of the Am Himmel orphanage. Life magazine published this image for its December 30, 1946, issue shortly after it was taken. The Junior Red Cross in the United States had just given six-year-old Hans Werfel a gift of donated sneakers. Following World War II, Austria endured years of famine and a disastrous economy. Can you envision receiving your first pair of brand-new shoes after years of living in that environment?

Happy boy.jpg@c0urso/Reddit.com

Brooklyn Bridge, 1883

Only a select few photographs of New York have become symbols of the city, and this one of the Brooklyn Bridge is one of them. This famous building's construction started in 1869, and it took 14 years before the bridge between New York and Brooklyn could be opened. Thousands of people came to see the ribbon cutting. Grover Cleveland, the governor of New York, and President Chester A. Arthur presided over it. One of the first pictures taken when the bridge was put into service was this one.

Brooklyn Bridge – 1883.jpg@The Brooklyn Bridge Is the Eighth Wonder of the World, but Its Construction Was Plagued by Tragedy/Facts Verse/YouTube.com

Like Elvis 

Elvis Presley had women swooning with his swinging hips, sinister good features, and deep voice long before the Beatles arrived in the United States and started the British Invasion. With images like this one depicting a young female admirer losing control at one of his sneakers, it's understandable why parents believed that these songs had a negative impact on their children. Elvis' insane fans generated so much chaos that many were actually terrified of them, yet afterwards, Elvis adoration expanded significantly.

Like Elvis .jpg@jocke75/Reddit.com

So stylish!

These gentlemen represent 1980s black culture at its best. Do you still have a boombox? We'll let you guess which item is in the picture below if you're too young to recall. When your favorite song appeared on the radio back then, you would record it on the double tape deck by pressing "record" instead of downloading it. These guys would still appear trendy now as they did back in the 1980s, which is an interesting sign of the revival of the 1980s fashion.

So stylish.jpg@haddock420/Reddit.com

Gas Station, 1960s

Nowadays, everyone exits their vehicles to fill up with gas, but in the 1960s, a gas attendant was always on hand to assist. Gas station employees wanted to provide good service. In addition to filling your tank, they frequently wash your windows and some even check your tire pressure. Full service formerly meant exactly that. Although they are hard to find, some gas stations in more remote parts of the US and abroad still provide this service.

Gas Station – 1960s.jpg@Life at the Gas Station - 1950s & 1960s America in Color/Americana Avenue/Reddit.com

Halloween, 1940s

While children nowadays rush around dressed as their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters, Halloween used to be a spooky event. The custom of the holiday dictated that Halloween costumes in the early 1900s be frightful. What is frightful than a clown? This costume, without a doubt, would have taken home the prize for most frightful. Even having a picture session done to ensure that you capture the spooky appearance you opted for on All Hallows Eve was customary back then.

Halloween – the 1940s.jpg@eat_a_pizza/Reddit.com

Revolution!, Czechoslovakia 1968

For many years, the nation that was formerly known as Czechoslovakia had adhered to the norms expected of a country that was part of the Iron Curtain. However, the populace had been seeking a little reprieve from the stringent and stifling guidelines established for them. The Czechs and Slovakians gained what they wanted in 1968 under Alexander Dubcek. Dubcek did a lot of things for Slovakia, including removing travel restrictions and giving Slovakia autonomy. The USSR didn't like it, so they sent troops into the nation, toppled Dubcek, and restored the status quo.

Revolution! – Czechoslovakia 1968.jpg@TheSecondTraitor/Reddit.com

School, Greece 1960s

Imagine going to school in a tiny, unpleasant room with a large number of kids jammed inside of it. I see—that very much sums up school today, too! The only distinction is that these teenage pupils in Greece in the 1960s had much more on their plates than just reading and writing. They were driven to attend school, and they put in a lot of effort to make the most of the brief amount of time they had to learn.

School – Greece 1960s.jpg@Juggertrout/Reddit.com

Ladies, Paris, 1930s

Undoubtedly, these women appeared to be attending a formal occasion. They were captured on camera walking the remaining 100 yards to the location, giving the impression that they had just been dropped off there. The result was like a magazine cover that many photographers would be proud to show off today.

Ladies  – Paris, 1930s.jpg@INFAMOUSLEOPARD383/REDDIT.COM

Professor, 1930

All of the teachers out there must find this image to be really powerful. Teaching may be a tough and stressful profession. You want to increase the general level of knowledge among the students. One still has to go home, grade their papers, and get ready for the next day once the day is over and all the lessons have been taught. We should therefore respect the ability of this college professor to relax, unwind, and pose.

Professor – 1930.jpg@EliminatedHatred/Reddit.com

Beach Date, 1950s

Dating-related circumstances have undergone a significant change. It is now more common to dress more formally and go on a first date to a more formal location. In comparison, going to a beach date dressed in swimsuits was rather typical in the 1950s. But now those with imaginations can also go to the beach and organize a super date!

Beach Date – 1950s.jpg@MarieCaymus/Reddit.com

Living Behind the Wall, East Germany 1980s

Germany had a wall up until quite recently, and daily living was very different on each side. On the west side of the wall, a thriving democracy and economy coexisted with a socialist republic that closely resembled Russia's way of life on the other side. The picture depicts a few irritated kids, and the men and women lived in cramped dwellings with numerous family members. The wall would come down in 1990, and East Germany's world would be irreversibly altered.

Living Behind the Wall – East Germany 1980s.jpg@Johandrlawrence/Reddit.com

Vintage Rider, 1900s

Did Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler ever consider how iconic riding a motorcycle and owning one would become? The original motorcycle was produced in 1885. Since then, people have utilized the purchase of these two or three-wheeled vehicles as a way to stand out and possibly be a little rebellious. For this reason, taking pictures of autos is a fantastic idea.

Vintage Rider – 1900s.jpg@Trooper_nsp209/Reddit.com

Cool guys, New York, 1950s

It seemed like every young man trying to fit in tried to dress like Danny Zuko from Grease. It's possible that Danny Zuko was the one who tried to fit in. Whatever the motivation, it was a fashion that endured the whole 1950s. It's amusing to make up stories about what these group of men were doing on that specific day when viewing antique photos like this. Are they still around to explain what transpired next?

Cool guys – New York, 1950s.jpg@Paul-Belgium/Reddit.com

Model, 1960s

Unfortunately, these flashy individuals lived during a time when color photography weren't as prevalent. We are eager to learn which colors were used to make this stunning ensemble. This woman really knows how to create a posture, regardless of the colors.

Model – 1960s.jpg@joecooool418/Reddit.com

Dresden, 1940s

Naturally, Dresden was rebuilt later, after the war. By the way, Dresden, Germany, was still a part of East Germany and was governed by the GDR in the early 1980s. Still, there was a lot of traveling involved, particularly between the countries hidden behind the veil. Soldiers were enjoying themselves in this city, with a loud band playing and lots of women to dance the night away.

Dresden – 1940s.jpg@ChewiestBroom/Reddit.com

Man on Harley, 1955

The leather jacket and the greased-up hair. If you weren't rocking these two fashions in the 1950s, you just weren't fashionable enough. Being a skilled motorbike rider was the cherry on top and the appropriate excuse for a vintage photograph like this one. If you've seen Grease, you might mistake this man for Danny Zuko. The only distinction was that nobody rode a Harley, not even John Travolta's persona.

Man on Harley – 1955.jpg@OldSchoolCool/Reddit.com

Holding Hats, Philadelphia, 1947

The truth is that this photographer most likely couldn't have created such a magnificent image, even if he had tried. As they walked to work as they always did, they all held their hats together as a sign that the wind was just a bit too brisk at that precise moment. Their hats could have blown off at any minute, so they were all forced to put a hand over their heads. As traditional as it gets.

Holding Hats – Philadelphia, 1947.jpg@TheWayWeWere/Reddit.com

Please, buy this lemonade, 1973

This young child made the choice to take advantage of the sweltering summer weather by selling lemonade to the locals in his welcoming community. While we are unsure if he manufactured the drink entirely on his own, we can assume that he created the elegant little advertisement to go along with his stand. This picture captures the American dream, which is to accept the abilities and resources at your disposal and use them to the fullest extent possible, with the star-spangled banner waving in the background.

Please, buy this lemonade – 1973.jpg@rjumko/Reddit.com

Fun, 1980s

Without a doubt, the 1980s were a vibrant decade. As you can see, these young women were perfectly aware of how to dress for the time. Bright hues and unusual hairstyles were all the rage. We can assume that while they were having their group photo taken, Cyndi Lauper's timeless song Girls Just Want to Have Fun was playing in the background. It's tough to avoid thinking of the 1980s when you hear the word “vintage.”

Fun – 1980s.jpg@AdministrativeNews93/Reddit.com

Cool Caddy, 1970s

Cadillacs have been an unmistakable sign of wealth and style up until this day. We really believe that if you can afford something, why not purchase it? There is no doubt that the owner of this caddy maintained it in excellent shape and was so pleased with it that he felt the need to snap a picture of it.

Cool Caddy – 1970s.jpg@MyDogGoldi/Reddit.com

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