Living Next Door to Hell: True Stories of Nightmare Neighbors

31 Oct 2023

Unfortunately, there are many stories about terrible neighbors! And the saddest part is that often there is simply no way to control these people! Furthermore, after these stories, even noisy neighbors will just seem like angels to you!

Any guesses on what this could be?

Of course, we would like to offer some moral support to the author of this photo, who received such a frightening 'gift' from a neighbor. However, we don't even know how to do it... This thing (we can't even understand what it is) indeed looks terrifying! It resembles some kind of voodoo doll or something of the sort. Would it be better to return it to the neighbors, in your opinion?

Any guesses on what this could be.jpg?format=webp

Absolutely, it's very ugly behavior

Using someone else's garage without permission and then leaving such a mess behind is the height of rudeness! We hope that the person who had such bad luck with their neighbor won't allow them near their property again. Such individuals should be aware that not everyone will tolerate and forgive their behavior.

Absolutely, it's a very ugly behavior.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Looks like a maniac

Most likely, the neighbor of these people does have some mental health issues. Spying on the neighbor's children through binoculars is the height of oddity! We advise the parents of these children to carefully monitor the neighbor and, if necessary, contact the police.

Looks like a maniac.jpg?format=webp@tsim12345/

And this is already dangerous!

Seeing a neighbor mowing the lawn with a rifle on their back is a rather questionable 'pleasure.' We suspect that no one would want to find themselves in such a situation. Let's hope that he doesn't intend to harm anyone and is simply getting ready for a gangster-themed costume party.

And this is already dangerous!.jpg?format=webp@Maulie/

Morning nightmare

Even your fiercest enemy wouldn't want to live next door to such people! Getting a good night's sleep is a legal right for everyone, and if your unruly neighbors are infringing upon it, measures should be taken. You should still try to find common ground with these strange people, even if it seems nearly impossible at first glance.

Morning nightmare.jpg?format=webp@Mullinberry/

Total surveillance

A very strange and alarming situation that would make anyone wary! It's curious why the neighbor wants to know when you come home. Perhaps they're planning to rob you, or do they have the tendencies of a stalker? In any case, it's unlikely to be for a good reason, and it's worth asking the neighbors why they're engaging in these odd activities.

Total surveillance.jpg?format=webp@glittering_leaves/

Nobody wants to visit such neighbors

Such strange people exist... It's simply horrifying! And this is in the 21st century! Judging someone based on their nationality and posting such ads is shameful. We believe that it's worth keeping a close eye on such neighbors - perhaps they are involved in other nefarious activities. In that case, involving the police may be necessary!

Nobody wants to visit such neighbors.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

No relaxation

Listening to the sound of a lawnmower all day long, seven days a week... Can you imagine this nightmare? We can hardly imagine it ourselves! However, this is a real story, and as we understand it, trying to reason with this strange neighbor is futile. But perhaps one day he'll accidentally discover that someone has poisoned all his plants…

No relaxation.jpg?format=webp@dontbthatguy/

So many cows!

If you take a closer look at the sign, it appears that these cows are a birthday greeting. Well, that's quite unusual! We think many cows would have preferred simple candles on a cake. In any case, such behavior from neighbors could raise eyebrows for anyone.

So many cows!.jpg?format=webp@LCS9492/


This is already quite audacious! Why buy 8 cars if there's nowhere to park them without inconveniencing others? At the very least, they should have enough space in their own yard for them. But as you can see, these people have decided to be brazen. Hopefully, the neighbors will be able to have some influence on them and protect the area near their home.

Brilliant.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

A unique case!

Wow, this story sounds really strange! Driving an old vehicle but vacuuming the driveway... And why? We're afraid to even imagine how this neighbor will react if someone passing by accidentally steps on his road near the house. There's probably going to be a scandal!

A unique case!.jpg?format=webp@IHateTheLetterF/

Horrible! What is this?!

Of course, it's terrible when neighbors dump all sorts of trash in your yard, but this situation is downright unsettling. This strange object looks like a piece of someone's skeleton... We hope it's an animal's skeleton, but it's still frightening to think how it ended up at the neighbor's place. Nightmare!

Horrible! What is this.jpg?format=webp@dani_for_short/

Cruelty must be punished!

It's hard to understand what goes on in the minds of people who set their aggressive dogs on other defenseless animals. It's incredibly cruel and just terrible! If you witness such a situation, please call the police immediately! Such perpetrators must be held accountable for their actions.

Cruelty must be punished!.jpg?format=webp@Onlove/

A very unpleasant situation

This story is sad because it's impossible to prevent neighbors from keeping chickens since they have every right to do so. Therefore, it seems that dealing with a constant invasion of flies will be a part of life now. This is definitely a situation that nobody would want to encounter. But when you see cases like this, you realize that you are fortunate to have your own neighbors!

Very unpleasant situation.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Strange questions

A very peculiar conversation with the neighbor, isn't it? It feels like they want to play a game of parent and child, otherwise, why these inappropriate questions at all? Naturally, nobody wants to be answerable to their neighbor about when they woke up, why the TV is on for a long time, and so on. Next time, this person might choose to ignore the nosy neighbor.

Strange questions.jpg?format=webp@sticky_wickett/

This is only permissible in a nightclub, but not in a residential building

Well, we can only envy the health of those who have enough of it to throw parties four times a week. However, seriously speaking, this is a blatant disregard for those who live nearby. Of course, calling the police every time is necessary. But it can be tiresome too, as one just wants to relax at home...

This is only permissible in a nightclub, but not in a residential building.jpg?format=webp@gatzbysgreenlight/

It’s really crazy!

The first thing that surprises in this situation is the mere existence of an unexpected guest list. And the second thing that shocks is just how long this list is! We can't even begin to imagine what kind of complex person lives in that house. Just think about how many enemies he must have. How does one live with such bitterness? We suspect it's not easy. 

It’s really crazy!.jpg?format=webp@Illustrious_Welder94/

Polite warning

It's indeed puzzling what makes it so difficult for some people to carry their trash to a garbage bin. However, as you can see, there are plenty of individuals around who struggle to clean up after themselves. Perhaps the neighbors got tired of witnessing someone else's mess and decided to issue this polite warning. It's interesting to consider what action they might take if the trash continues to not make it to the bin.

Polite warning.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Looks disgusting!

Another dreadful situation that nobody would envy. It's indeed interesting to ponder where all that feces is coming from. Do the neighbors have a mini-zoo at home, or is there another explanation for this? The worst part is that even though all this horror is on their property, the foul odor is affecting the neighbors as well. We really feel sorry for them!

Looks disgusting!.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Poor child and cat

It's unclear how old the neighbor was when he committed this terrible act, but we assume it was not a child but an adult. Apparently, he's definitely not in his right mind; how else can you explain his actions? We hope that the child's father had a serious conversation with the neighbor, which will prevent him from repeating such nonsense.

Poor child and cat.jpg?format=webp@xilotoys/

Another “maniac”

Living next to someone who can't take their eyes off you is a dubious pleasure. For many, this can be downright unsettling, and there are reasons for it. Spending hours watching the neighbors from a window is strange behavior that may suggest psychological issues. Who knows what to expect from such a neighbor?!

Another maniac.jpg?format=webp@RiZzbott/

Why don't people think about others?

Another unfortunate situation is when people seem to care very little about their neighbors. Why would they turn the common area into a dump otherwise? We are confident that very few people would find it pleasant to witness such a situation every time they step out of their apartment. Hopefully, after a serious conversation, these neighbors will consider the well-being of others and clean up their act.

Why don't people think about others.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

It’s really awful!

Neighbors who struggle with alcohol can create various issues, particularly when they venture outside and interact with you. In this case, the situation is truly shocking! But the worst part is that considering the neighbor's lack of rationality, he might do something even more bizarre in the future. Sincerely, we hope that these people's troublesome neighbor relocates somewhere far away – preferably to a deserted island!

It’s really awful!.jpg?format=webp@KruskDaMangled/

Is this an imaginary fence yet?

We don't know if there will be a real fence in place of this orange line, but it's quite unusual to divide the territory with neighbors right at the exit! I wonder how cars will drive there? In this case, will residents have to drive both on the road and on the lawn? A very peculiar decision by some very strange neighbors...

Is this an imaginary fence yet.jpg?format=webp@syrindigo26/

Heavy smoker

Well, it should be noted that the neighbor of these people is not only a heavy smoker but also just an ill-mannered person. How else could he turn the common area into a massive ashtray? It looks absolutely disgusting! Furthermore, just imagine the terrible odor that must be lingering there; it's truly horrifying to think about! We hope that this person will be held accountable for his actions!

Heavy smoker.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Savings or greed?

Using electricity in a common corridor to avoid paying for it is, in our opinion, not about saving money but rather a matter of being miserly. After all, someone will still have to pay for that electricity, and it may come from the residential fund. We believe that such a neighbor should definitely be approached and addressed about this behavior.

Savings or greed.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Desert at home

We don't know where they could have been to bring back so much sand on their belongings... However, it certainly doesn't mean they can allow their neighbors to suffer from it! At the very least, they should have cleaned up after themselves thoroughly and washed the dryer not just once but several times. It's truly astonishing how ill-mannered some people can be.

Desert at home.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

A terrible picture!

Of course, few would want to witness their unstable neighbor exposing their intimate parts. However, it's said that this can be dealt with. The key is not to react as he expects you to. If you show fear, it will only embolden him further. Some suggest either laughing loudly or recording the exhibitionist on camera. This will discourage them!

A terrible picture!.jpg?format=webp@TheJackyl/

And this is already a reason to go to court!

These are the "lovely" kids living next door to someone. Poor people! We hope that they have evidence that these were the neighbors' children responsible for this. It's important to ensure that the parents of these children compensate for the damage to the car. Otherwise, the victims should look for witnesses and take legal action.

And this is already a reason to go to court!.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Angry man

Responding to a hostile neighbor depends on the specific situation and can vary based on the level of conflict. If safe to do so, initiate a conversation with your neighbor to understand their concerns and express your own. This can sometimes resolve misunderstandings or issues. Keep a record of any problematic incidents, including dates, times, and descriptions. This documentation can be useful if you need to involve the authorities later.

Angry man.jpg?format=webp@statini/

Cocky mama's boy

It seems there's a reason why this 40-year-old unstable man still lives with his mother. It's unlikely that anyone else would want to live with him. It would be a good idea if his mother took him to a psychiatrist. We suspect that the neighbors would strongly support this idea!

Cocky mama's boy.jpg?format=webp@Bruce_NGA/

"Unique" solution

A surprising turn of events, to say the least! It's interesting why these people can't simply let their dog walk on the grass. Why turn a flowerpot into a toilet? It's a complex question, and only the people living in that house would know the answer. Although it's possible, they just don't think about the foolishness of their actions.

Unique solution.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

Why do people allow themselves to do this?

Cleaning your own territory while throwing snow and dirt onto your neighbor's property is, at the very least, unsightly and uncivilized. It's unfortunate that there are still people who engage in such behavior. It's interesting to consider how to deal with them. Is retaliating by throwing snow and dirt on their home the solution, or do you have other options?

Why do people allow themselves to do this.jpg?format=webp@Dan-Robert/

Let's hope that meant 2.5 seconds!

Unfortunately, such stories still happen all too often. In these cases, it's important to remain vigilant and call the police immediately. By doing so, you may even save someone's life. We hope that the guy who raised his hand against the girl faced the consequences of his terrible actions.

Let's hope that meant 2.5 seconds!.jpg?format=webp@V171/


We will never tire of repeating that people who allow themselves to mistreat animals are absolutely heartless! They cause pain and suffering to those who cannot respond and stand up for themselves. Of course, in this situation with the cat, nothing has happened yet, but if he suddenly jumps on the fence (which is normal behavior for an animal), his paws could be seriously injured... What a horror!

Flayers.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

“Airspace violation”

The author of this photo is extremely unhappy that their neighbor's gazebo encroaches upon the 'airspace' of their backyard. And we share this person's opinion - no one has the right to encroach on your property, even from the air. After all, everyone wants their backyard to be cozy and beautiful, not marred by pieces of someone else's gazebo.

Airspace violation.jpg?format=webp@papi_pizza/

Pathetic guy

Stealing food from neighbors is the height of shamelessness! It's interesting how this guy wasn't ashamed of his actions. It's just a nightmare! Moreover, if someone allows themselves to steal food from others, it's no surprise if they later start stealing things like money. Be cautious with such peculiar individuals.

Pathetic guy.jpg?format=webp@idreamofpikas/

Heartless people

It's just terrible, but the person who shared this photo claims that it's their neighbor's balcony, and they left this poor dog there all day. It's unfortunate that the person who took the photo couldn't influence the situation in any way. They should have either promptly contacted the neighbors or called the animal welfare service.

Heartless people.jpg?format=webp@thatlazyweeabo/

How infuriating this is!

It's interesting, why do neighbors behave this way? What's even more intriguing is how to teach them a lesson so they never do this again. Should these people place trash bins in front of their cars? We're not sure if that will help, but we should start with a conversation with the neighbors. Perhaps there's a reason why they're acting so unreasonably.

How infuriating this is!.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

High level inadequacy

It's hard to imagine what this peculiar neighbor could have found objectionable in the sweet Labrador. We suspect that this person is simply mean-spirited and heartless. Sincerely, we hope that the dog will be fine! But it's best for its owner to keep a close eye on it and keep it away from the unstable neighbor.

High level inadequacy.jpg?format=webp@tumadreporfavor/

Terrible bad luck

We wouldn't wish anyone to have neighbors who get distracted while driving. At the very least, they might not notice your parked car, and at worst, they could miss an animal or even a person passing by! We hope this situation serves as a valuable lesson for the irresponsible neighbor, and she will be more attentive behind the wheel in the future.

Terrible bad luck.jpg?format=webp@reirone/

Neighbors from hell

We genuinely feel sorry for the children whose childhood is marred by having unstable neighbors. Just imagine the stress they must experience when they can't even peacefully play near their own home! These elderly neighbors should be ashamed of their behavior, and it would be better for them to engage in more constructive activities.

Neighbors from hell.jpg?format=webp@Tyler_J/

Party hard

We don't know what exactly the neighbor of this poor person is up to with that bright spotlight - loud parties or searching for aliens but it's infuriating nonetheless! With such bright light, it's hard for everyone around to fall asleep, and even blinds don't always help. Ear neighbor, please just go and cover-up that lantern with something.

Party hard.jpg?format=webp@Resident_Table6694/

Sincere confession

It's sad to realize that the neighbors causing problems for others are, in fact, yourself, but it's better to realize this late than never. We believe that the person who shared this story will never repeat the mistakes of his family, as he understands just how terrible it is. Shouting is something that should definitely not be present in any home! 

Sincere confession.jpg?format=webp@triplemeow/


This is really beyond belief! We feel so sorry for the people who have to deal with such inconsiderate neighbors. Perhaps the only thing that will stop them is if someone starts throwing a similar mess onto their balcony. However, if they're used to living in filth, even that might not deter them. It's true, no matter how long we live, people never cease to amaze us.

Ugh!.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/

It is important to fight such neighbors!

It's interesting what this neighbor intends to photograph by zooming in on someone else's bathroom window with a camera. Perhaps he wants to see someone without clothes? At the moment, we don't have an answer but one thing is clear - it's best to report this to the police, as there's certainly something not right with this neighbor's mental state.

It is important to fight such neighbors!.jpg?format=webp@chopsui101/

Unsanitary conditions in the neighborhood

Indeed, it's hard for us to understand the difficulty of throwing garbage in a bin, as most normal people do. However, as you can see, there are strange people out there. It might be a good idea to record this on a security camera and threaten to report it to the police if this situation truly upsets you. Advocating for what is just and right is always crucial!

Unsanitary conditions in the neighborhood.jpg?format=webp@kor_hookmaster/

We hope that the next neighbors will be cleaner…

What a nightmare! Sometimes, when you look at such photos, you wonder if people are really capable of such things. Did they grow up in a dumpster? Unlikely! But why do they allow themselves to behave this way in society and disrupt the lives of those around them, especially their neighbors? The saddest part is that it's often difficult to influence such people because being messy is not illegal. 

We hope that the next neighbors will be cleaner....jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/


If your neighbor's trash is causing a foul odor, research local regulations and bylaws regarding trash disposal and odor control. There may be specific rules in your area that your neighbor is not following. In the meantime, you can try using air fresheners or air purifiers in your own living space to mitigate the odor.


We are afraid to imagine the details

It's scary to even imagine what it takes to punch a hole in the wall. Poor people who had such bad luck with their neighbor. We think it was loud, and they were genuinely scared. Perhaps their neighbor was not in a sane state and intentionally tried to break through the wall. Most likely, the police will have to deal with this.

We are afraid to imagine the details.jpg?format=webp@Worst Neighbor Of The Year - Terrible Infuriating Neighbors/BossDT/