Fashion failures of the Kardashians, of which they must be ashamed

20 Dec 2023

Even in the glamorous world of the Kardashians, fashion missteps and less-than-stylish looks have found their way into the limelight. Despite their status as fashion icons, the famous family has not been immune to the occasional style blunder.

Unexpected look from Kendall

While Kendall Jenner is generally known for her good taste, in this particular case, the outfit turned out to be extremely unfortunate. It's an overload here—a transparent bodysuit, silver accents, and the absence of underwear. There should be only one bold element for a stylish appearance, not everything at once. 

Unexpected look from Kendall.jpg?format=webp

Three unsuccessful outfits at once

It's possible that the Kardashian sisters shared the same stylist for this event, and suspicions arise that they might have parted ways since. All three looks here seem to miss the mark. Kendall's choice of lingerie under the transparent bodysuit is less than ideal, Kylie's dress is overly baggy, and the satin shine only adds visual bulk. As for Kim, the neckline on her dress appears, to put it mildly, rather vulgar. 

Three unsuccessful outfits at once.jpg?format=webp

Is it Kim or an opera diva?

Let's be honest – this dress visually ages Kim and certainly doesn't accentuate her beauty. Moreover, such lace has long been out of trend, and the leather patch with a bow at the waist is especially not worth wearing. But it's reassuring that the outfit at least has a lining and is not see-through; otherwise, it would have looked even more vulgar, which certainly wouldn't be in Kim's favor.

Is it Kim or an opera diva.jpg?format=webp

The 80s housewife style

We're not sure why Kourtney chose to wear this dress, but unfortunately, it doesn't accentuate her beauty or style. On the contrary, this outfit resembles more of what housewives in the 80s would wear when entertaining guests at home. It's definitely not suitable for attending a glamorous event or any other public outing.  

The 80s housewife style.jpg?format=webp

More vulgarity again

Undoubtedly, Kim Kardashian has a very beautiful figure, and she certainly has something to showcase. However, emphasizing the cleavage with such a deep neckline has long been out of style. Moreover, the top of this outfit has additional cutouts besides the cleavage, making the look more vulgar than stylish. Also, due to the unfortunate cut, Kim's shoulders appear larger than they really are. 

More vulgarity again.jpg?format=webp

Poorly executed design 

Perhaps this dress would have looked decent if it were not tailored like a house robe or a beach cover-up. As it is, it genuinely resembles these items, but certainly not a dress for a night out. There's a sense that it's about to come undone, creating a feeling of potential wardrobe malfunction. Fortunately for Kim, that didn't happen, but we're not convinced it was comfortable for her to move around in this outfit.  

Poorly executed design.png?format=webp

College graduation dress

Honestly, this outfit seems more fitting for a college graduate from 2005 than a world-renowned star. The design is unfortunate, and the satin fabric is not flattering, as it does not showcase the figure well. Even if the girl is very slim, this dress might give the impression of a slightly rounded belly. 

College graduation dress.jpg?format=webp

Is this an outfit for a Playboy party? 

Once again, an unsuccessful attempt by Kim to look playful. The corset strongly resembles the ones worn by girls at Playboy magazine parties. However, this style doesn't suit Kim very well – the outfit doesn't accentuate her femininity and style. Moreover, this skirt is entirely unsuitable for the corset; it could have been somewhat saved by high-waisted trousers. 

Is this an outfit for a Playboy party.jpg?format=webp

Star Wars

Most likely, Kim wanted to look glamorous, but due to yoga, it turned out a bit funny. This overly shiny costume looks more like an outfit for a Star Wars warrior than for a glamorous diva. Most likely, walking past Kim in her outfit, you can see your reflection. Unusual, but not stylish! 

Star Wars.jpg?format=webp

Colors that absolutely don’t go together

The first downside of this dress is that it excessively hugs the body, revealing the figure so much that every flaw and extra centimeter is visible. The second drawback of this outfit is that its color palette does not harmonize at all. We don't know why Kim chose to wear such a dress, especially for a glamorous public appearance, but she certainly surprised stylists with this choice.

Colors that absolutely don’t go together.jpg?format=webp

Marilyn Monroe's style?

Remember the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe? Well, Kim's blue dress slightly resembles it, but on Kardashian, it looks less successful. For a dress of this style, a lighter color would be more suitable, but certainly not a bright blue. Moreover, the dress has an excessively deep neckline, which makes the entire look not elegant, but rather vulgar. 

Marilyn Monroe's style.jpg?format=webp

Outdated outfit

Perhaps in the distant '90s, such a combination of clothing would have looked stylish, but on Kim, this attire appears outdated. A silk top would have looked better not with a pencil skirt but with jeans or high-waisted trousers. Also, the chain around Kim's neck looks bulky for this outfit. 

Outdated outfit.jpg?format=webp

An attempt to astonish? 

Undoubtedly, such a "bare" outfit attracts hundreds of looks, but let's be honest - there's no trace of style here. On the contrary, elegance and modest clothing styles are in fashion. If you want to wear a seductive evening dress, it's better for it not to be transparent, but, for example, to have a slit on the leg. It will look fashionable and at the same time alluring and graceful!  

An attempt to astonish.jpg?format=webp

When fashion is left behind

Unfortunately, this time two out of the Kardashian family missed the mark again with their outfits. Kourtney's attire once again resembles a college graduate's dress, and Kim looks like a character from a movie about Native Americans. Moreover, the outfits are completely different in style, and this is not very successful, considering the fact that the sisters knew they would be posing together at the event.

When fashion is left behind.jpg?format=webp

When an outfit makes the figure asymmetrical

It's no secret that an outfit can either highlight the strengths of a figure or completely visually distort it. What do we see in this case? Kourtney wore a not entirely successful dress in which her legs appear disproportionately short and her shoulders overly wide. Moreover, the dress has excessively bright colors. 

When an outfit makes the figure asymmetrical.jpg?format=webp

The shoes and the dress don't match

This is precisely the case where the footwear absolutely does not match the dress. These sandals would be more suitable for a beachy summer look – for example, with a T-shirt and denim shorts – but they are definitely not suitable for attending a social event. Moreover, speaking of the dress itself, it seems more appropriate for a party at a hotel during a vacation. 

The shoes and the dress don't match.jpg?format=webp

Courtroom attire? 

We don't know why Kourtney chose to wear this unsuccessful outfit with huge ruffles, but in it, she resembles a court clerk from the last century. For a young woman, it would be better to choose a fashionable outfit that makes her a trendsetter rather than a subject of fashion chronicles about stars with questionable style. What do you think? How do you feel about this outfit? 

Courtroom attire.jpg?format=webp

And again, strange footwear and more

This time, Kim once again dressed in a not-so-stylish manner – this shiny jacket does not go well with the rest of the outfit. Moreover, what kind of strange footwear is that? It's even difficult to tell whether they're boots or shoes. But no matter – the main thing is that it's better not to replicate such an outfit if you don't want to look unstylish. 

And again, strange footwear and more.jpg?format=webp

Dress from the '90s?

We don't know about you, but to us, this dress somehow resembles the outfits our grandmothers used to wear in the '90s. Moreover, they usually wore such dresses around the house, not to parties. It's interesting what inspired Kim to dress like this. Perhaps she just had an unfortunate stylist. But let's learn from her mistakes. What else is unsuccessful about this outfit? The cut of the dress itself, as it visually makes the figure appear rounder.

Dress from the '90s.jpg?format=webp

And again, an outfit for a beach party

Perhaps, specifically for an event during a vacation, such a tunic would be suitable, but at a glamorous party, this outfit looks slightly out of place. Moreover, this cut doesn't look fashionable and doesn't quite complement Kim. It would be better if she emphasized her beautiful waist and didn't wear such long beads. 

And again, an outfit for a beach party.jpg?format=webp

Outfit lacking elegance

We believe you've seen Kylie in many outfits, and you'll agree that feminine styles suit her well. However, this particular outfit looks somewhat rough. It lacks delicacy, and unfortunately, it makes Kylie's refined figure appear more coarse. The shiny, unfashionable belt only worsens the situation. 

Outfit lacking elegance.png?format=webp

Too vivid leopard

Not the most successful outfit for Kris Jenner. Firstly, the dress is too tight, and the leopard print visually enlarges her figure. It should also be noted that under a bright outfit, it's better to choose subtle accessories, but in this case, we see large, bold earrings. Small gold earrings would have been a better fit here. 

Too vivid leopard.jpg?format=webp

Fashion mistakes of a mother and daughter

Let's carefully examine the looks of Kris and Kim. Firstly, Kim has a very unsuccessful cut of the coat – overly voluminous shoulders make her outfit look strange. Moreover, her open-toed shoes look odd with the coat. As for Kris, on the contrary, elegant shoes would have suited her look better, and it would have been preferable to choose a silk top instead of the blouse she was wearing. 

Fashion mistakes of a mother and daughter.jpg?format=webp

Jumpsuit gets a passing grade

We can assume that Kim wanted to look alluring in this jumpsuit; however, in reality, the outfit looks odd. The transparent lace creates asymmetry in Kim's figure. Moreover, there is again an overly deep neckline and a strange cut as additional elements. Not a great choice!  

Jumpsuit gets a passing grade.jpg?format=webp

Outfit of a strict schoolteacher

Firstly, this cool violet color visually ages Kris. Secondly, this style doesn't suit her at all; it looks outdated and would be more fitting for a strict teacher rather than a socialite. Moreover, the beige top also looks extremely unsuccessful in this outfit – it would have been better to wear black.  

Outfit of a strict schoolteacher.jpg?format=webp

Another bold accent on the chest

Everyone already knows that Kim has a beautiful chest, but why demonstrate it every time? A rhetorical question with an answer known only to them, but let's be honest – such a neckline doesn't make her image any stylish. Also, the sleeves look very bad – it's better to leave such a style for grandmothers. 

Another bold accent on the chest.jpg?format=webp

In Kim's style

As you've probably noticed, Kim loves outfits with sheer elements, but all of them somehow look strange. This outfit is no exception, as it doesn't have a successful cut – Kim's figure looks strange and disproportional in it. Moreover, the top of the outfit more closely resembles a solid swimsuit with a black net layered on top. Not a very successful choice in our opinion. What do you think? 

In Kim's style.jpg?format=webp

Better not to tie the shirt that way

Even in the 2000s, this style of tying a shirt, although popular, never became stylish. It looks strange and tasteless. The maximum appropriate place for such a look might be the beach. However, Kim apparently decided otherwise and showed up in such an outfit at a glamorous event. Well, a very unexpected choice.

Better not to tie the shirt that way.jpg?format=webp

Strange outfit and footwear

Whether Kim chose this look herself or a stylist did, the outcome is the same – the outfit is unsuccessful and not stylish, unfortunately. The skirt has an absolutely bad cut that doesn't flatter Kim, and there was no need to wear a white shirt under the leather jacket. Moreover, the footwear visually shortens the legs and makes it look tasteless.

Strange outfit and footwear.jpg?format=webp

Shock content

Obviously, even during pregnancy, Kim wanted to make a sensation and astonish everyone with her outfits. Undoubtedly, she succeeded, but it didn't make her image stylish. The impression is created that Kim is without underwear at all due to the beige bra, and the black panties peeking through the sheer outfit look strange. Sometimes, more modest outfits are much brighter and more stylish!

Shock content.jpg?format=webp

A dress that is better left aside

Wearing a dress that closely resembles a beach tunic is not the best fashion choice. Moreover, the cut of this outfit doesn't entirely suit Kim – the voluminous top visually makes her shoulders appear larger than they actually are. But there are positives in this look – the green color suits Kim very well. 

A dress that is better left aside.jpg?format=webp

The style went on vacation

We don't know what or who inspired Kim to wear this dress, but it doesn't look successful. The outfit is old-fashioned and has a strange cut. Moreover, those neon pink shoes absolutely do not match the silver color. At least Kardashian has a stylish hairstyle to appreciate.  

Style went on vacation.jpg?format=webp

Unfortunate choice

Once again, a dress that absolutely doesn't suit Kim. The strange round neckline doesn't look elegant, and the excessively tight-fitting dress accentuates every flaw. By the way, the white color also visually adds a couple of extra kilograms. Despite this, the vertical stripes on the dress elongate the figure, which somewhat mitigates the situation.  

Unfortunate choice.jpg?format=webp

A stylist's nightmare

It seems that even aspiring designers know that leggings under a dress are not a good choice, but in this case, something clearly went wrong. This look is definitely not suitable for someone as glamorous as Kim. Perhaps such clothing would look cute on a child, but no more. Also, it's worth noting that combining similar-colored garments, as seen in this photo, is not a good idea.

A stylist's nightmare.jpg?format=webp 

Unsuccessful print and cut

This floral dress looks somewhat frivolous and certainly doesn't add elegance to Kourtney's image. Also, the lace-up sandals look rough and visually shorten the legs. For a dress of this style, it would be better to choose elegant beige pumps, which would look neat and visually elongate the legs. 

Unsuccessful print and cut.jpg?format=webp

Three unsuccessful looks

In all three outfits, the Kardashian sisters don't look stylish, but the dress on Khloe is the least flattering. The cut visually reduces the bust, and overall, the dress looks more like sleepwear. Kourtney's unsuccessful vest also detracts from the overall look, and Kim's outfit, in general, is not very flattering – it would have been better if it were longer. 

Three unsuccessful looks.jpg?format=webp

Is this a fairy costume? 

If Kylie wanted to surprise everyone with her outfit, she certainly succeeded. However, in this dress, she looks a bit unusual. The outfit is bright but not stylish and resembles more of a carnival costume. Moreover, we think that Kylie might have been very uncomfortable moving around in such a voluminous dress.

Is this a fairy costume.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

Beautiful figure but not a suitable outfit

At first glance, it might seem like a jumpsuit, but it's actually pants and a jacket. However, the concept doesn't change, and in any case, the outfit is not suitable for Kim. We suspect that with these tight-fitting pants, she wanted to emphasize her beautiful curves – she succeeded but at the cost of an unstylish look. This could have been achieved with a more fashionable ensemble.

Beautiful figure but not a suitable outfit.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

Could have gone completely naked

In such a sheer outfit, there's little point – almost all parts of the body are visible. As you can see, the Kardashian family has a special affinity for see-through clothing. However, even it can look stylish, which we cannot say about this look from Kourtney. If stylish jeans were worn instead of sheer pants, the outfit would look much cooler.

Could have gone completely naked.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

Kendall decided to overshadow the bride? 

As you can see, the Kardashian family loves to impress not only at glamorous events but also at friends' celebrations. However, with this outfit, Kendall clearly went overboard. We think that all the guests' attention was focused on her rather than the bride. But she doesn't seem too upset judging by her smile.

Kendall decided to overshadow the bride.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

Cleopatra's costume?

Kim impressed again! Undoubtedly, her dress looks striking, but at the same time, it's a bit strange. The corset protrudes forward significantly, especially in the chest area. Also, the one-shoulder style looks somewhat outdated, and the color of the outfit is not very flattering on Kim. So, the choice is clearly not the most successful, but we're sure the star was trying to make an impression.

Cleopatra's costume.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

When Kris went a little overboard

It's an undeniable fact that Kris Jenner looks stunning and much younger than her age. However, this outfit... well, it's just not flattering on her. Perhaps the blue jumpsuit itself would have looked decent, but the enormous shawl that resembles a royal mantle ruins everything. The secret to a successful look lies in the details!

When Kris went a little overboard.jpg?format=webp@Kardashians Took It To The Extreme With These Looks/ TheThings Celebrity/

It looks like curtain fabric

Again, an unsuccessful dress model that is completely unsuitable for Kim. It looks outdated and unstylish. The gray color does not complement Kim's beauty at all, and the lace truly resembles a piece of curtain. It's interesting what the designer had in mind to create such a peculiar item.

It looks like curtain fabric.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian's Worst Post-Baby Fashion -- Wonderwatch for April 21, 2014/Wonderwall/

Strange fringe

Sometimes an element like fringe can embellish clothing, but certainly not in this case. On this dress, the fringe looks out of place and spoils the entire look. It feels like the designer wanted to surprise with something, but clearly went overboard. Additionally, the dress has an unsuccessful neckline – visually, it seems to be squeezing Kim's neck. 

Strange fringe.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian's Worst Post-Baby Fashion -- Wonderwatch for April 21, 2014/Wonderwall/

Surprisingly, to see sporty pants in this look

If you take the individual pieces of this outfit for Kim, they are not bad on their own. A stylish voluminous puffer jacket, interesting boots, and an unusual tank top. However, when worn together, they unfortunately do not complement each other. The sporty pants, in particular, stand out and are completely out of place in this ensemble.

Surprisingly, to see sporty pants in this look.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/

It would be better to discard these shoes

If we consider this black dress, it's not bad, although the top seems slightly undersized for Kim. Visually, it seems like the mesh has compressed Kardashian's chest. However, these green boots ruin the entire look - they appear clunky, outdated and absolutely do not match this elegant attire. 

It would be better to discard these shoes.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/

In such a state, it's better to appear only in the bedroom

As you can see, Kim never tires of surprising with provocative outfits that are inappropriate for public appearances. This dress looks excessively open and revealing. However, let's not forget that one of the goals of celebrities is to attract attention and provoke. Well, Kardashian excels at that excellent.

In such a state, it's better to appear only in the bedroom.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/

A clash of mismatched styles

Once again, Kim has decided to surprise with an incongruous combination – she paired velvet sportswear with heels and a classic coat. Sometimes, fashionistas manage to successfully blend such contrasting pieces, but in this case, the look appears unstylish. However, it's likely that Kim found this outfit more comfortable than the transparent dresses she often wears. 

A clash of mismatched styles.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/

Heading out on a mission

Judging by the color scheme on the shorts and the serious expression on Kim's face, it seems she's geared up for a very serious task. However, setting jokes aside and examining Kardashian's outfit more closely, it's evident that her look has missed the mark again. The combination of a transparent tank top with khaki shorts looks quite peculiar. It's hard to imagine what inspired Kim to step out in such an ensemble. 

Heading out on a mission.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/

Unstylish sheer thigh-high boots

Another unsuccessful look from Kim that caught the attention of photographers. Firstly, the combination of a denim jacket and shorts looks outdated, and secondly, take a look at those sheer thigh-high boots. It gives the impression that Kim has put bags on her legs. A very peculiar wardrobe item that is better left untouched. 

Unstylish sheer thigh-high boots.jpg?format=webp@KIM KARDASHIAN Street Style/Colourful Beam/