Cleopatra was not Egyptian and Other Common Fakes We Believed for Years

19 Apr 2024

In the world, legends often arise, intertwining with historical facts and creating an illusion of truth. However, upon closer analysis, many of these stories turn out to be mere fabrications, into which many were led to believe, but in reality, they are deceits!

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity when an apple fell on his head

Many believe in this myth, but what was the reality? In a biographical report about Newton written by William Stukeley, it is mentioned that Newton was sitting in a garden under an apple tree when an apple accidentally fell nearby him, not on his head. 


This made him ponder why apples always fall vertically, leading him to contemplate about gravity. Historians believe that Newton himself actively contributed to the spread of the apple myth by jokingly telling this story to Voltaire's niece.

Cleopatra was not Egyptian!

There are many myths surrounding this queen that many have considered to be true. In reality, this most famous queen of Egypt was Greek! Cleopatra hailed from the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, and, interestingly, she was not the only bearer of this name.

cleopatra.jpg?format=webp@Professor Kevin Butcher/May 9, 2023/ 

By tradition, almost all members of this family received similar names: girls were named Cleopatra and boys were named Ptolemies.

Hair and nails do not grow after death, as many people believe

Despite many believing in this myth, we have found scientific evidence to prove otherwise. After the heart stops, oxygen ceases to reach the human brain, and nerve cells, lacking a supply of glucose, die within a maximum of minutes.


Nail growth is a process of cell formation that is impossible without glucose. After death, the supply of glucose stops, meaning nail and hair growth also ceases.

Napoleon was actually taller than most Frenchmen!

The myth that this renowned military leader was of short stature became so entrenched that it even gave rise to the concept of "Napoleon complex" (when short men exhibit exaggerated assertiveness). However, it turns out that Napoleon's height was actually 169 centimeters, while the average height of a Frenchman at that time was 165 centimeters. 


So where did the myth come from? The nickname "le petit caporal" (the little corporal) was given to Napoleon by soldiers during the Italian campaign, referring to the young age of the commander (he was 26), not his height. 

Magellan never went on a circumnavigation journey

In reality, Magellan merely commanded the first circumnavigation expedition but he never lived to see its completion. During a stopover in the Philippines, Magellan was killed by the native leader Lapu-Lapu in the Battle of Mactan. 


As a result, the first captain to complete the circumnavigation voyage was Magellan's associate, Juan Sebastián Elcano, who arrived back at the Spanish shores almost three years after the expedition began.