Building Dreams: Astounding Facts about LEGO

18 Apr 2024

LEGO — the iconic colorful bricks that have captured the imagination of generations, transcending mere toys to become a symbol of creativity, innovation, and endless possibilities. As we dive into the fascinating world of LEGO, prepare to be amazed by a treasure trove of fun, impressive, and downright mind-blowing facts that will make you see these humble plastic bricks in a whole new light. 

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LEGO Minifigures outnumber humans

Were you aware that the number of LEGO minifigures surpasses the human population on Earth? With over 8 billion minifigures produced since their introduction in 1978, these iconic little figures have become an integral part of LEGO's global appeal. From astronauts to wizards, firefighters to superheroes, LEGO minifigures come in countless variations, sparking endless imaginative play possibilities for builders of all ages.

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The world's largest LEGO sculpture is 13 meters high

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer scale of the world's largest LEGO sculpture. In 2016 Land Rover created a jaw-dropping replica of London's iconic Tower Bridge! Crafted from over 5.8 million LEGO bricks, a huge 13-metre-high masterpiece stands tall, capturing the essence of the majestic bridge in playful detail. Land Rover's achievement isn't just about breaking records — it's about sparking wonder and showing that with LEGO, the sky's the limit!

lego-minifigures-business-man-woman.jpg?format=webp@Lego will no longer market toy sets as specifically for boys or girls/

Unfortunately, there is a big gender gap in LEGO Minifigures 

Approximately 86% of LEGO Minifigures are male — a statistic that reflects the historical gender imbalance in the toy industry as a whole. While LEGO has made strides in recent years to diversify its minifigure lineup with more female characters and diverse representations, there is still work to be done to ensure that all children see themselves reflected in the world of LEGO. By embracing diversity and inclusivity, LEGO can continue to inspire builders of all backgrounds to create, explore, and imagine without limits.

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LEGO figures had their own Space Odyssey

Did you know that LEGO figures have actually been to space? In 2015 Andreas Mogensen, the first Danish astronaut in space, brought a set of custom-made Lego figures to the International Space Station. As Mogensen floats weightlessly through the corridors of the ISS, his LEGO counterpart drifts alongside, a cheerful reminder of the wonders of childhood dreams and the limitless possibilities of space exploration. Afterward, these were gifted to Danish schoolchildren back on Earth who participated in a competition.

lego-masters.jpg?format=webp@Meet Daniel, the Canberran taking on Lego Masters/

There is an exciting TV competition for LEGO lovers 

In 2020, the premiere of LEGO Masters took place on American television. The reality competition TV series celebrates the art of LEGO building in all its glory. Contestants from all walks of life compete in epic challenges to showcase their creativity, ingenuity, and teamwork, all while vying for the coveted title of LEGO Master. With jaw-dropping builds, nail-biting drama, and heartwarming moments of triumph, "LEGO Masters" inspires viewers to unleash their inner brick genius and build their dreams, one brick at a time. 

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